How to prepare for traveling to the contest? Advices from the experts!

Excitement, ambition and a desire to perform at your best – preparing to enter a competition is an exciting stage in any creative person’s life. However, how do you prepare for this challenge?

What steps to take to make your performance memorable and successful? Fiestalonia shares valuable advices from professionals to make your path to contest victory more confident and harmonious. Ready to unlock the secrets of successful preparation? Let’s get started!

Are you planning a journey to the festival?

Explore the nuances of festival preparation with our team of experts. Discover the key aspects of festival preparation. Learn how to choose the right festival, prepare the repertoire and take care of the important details of your participation.

Not sure where to start?

We’ll help you develop a plan of action from start to finish – from repertoire selection to documentation. Get a detailed plan to help you start your journey to festival success. Our experts will offer step-by-step advice, from choosing a festival-competition to preparing your performance.

You have any doubts?

We’ll sort out your every doubt and provide professional advice for confidence in every step. We are ready to clarify any uncertainties that may arise during the preparation process.

Don’t know what numbers to submit to the international competition?

Get advice from our experts to help you choose the perfect repertoire for your participation. We’ll help you choose songs that will emphasize your strengths and impress the jury.

Do you know what foreign juries pay attention to?

We will explain to you which aspects are evaluated by the international jury and which elements to emphasize in your performance. We will tell you about the international jury’s evaluation criteria. Our experts will share information about what is evaluated in the performance at world competitions and how to stand out and be remembered for your performance by the judging committee.

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Book a personalized online consultation with our managers. A ZOOM meeting will allow you to discuss all the details of your traveling or participation in the competition, getting personalized and tailored advice for your participation.

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We are available to discuss all questions and provide each individual consultation to ensure everyone has the information they need to successfully prepare for such an important event.

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