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Fiestalonia Milenio – European leader in organization of worldwide festivals and competitions for non-commercial creative collectives.
Participation in Fiestalonia’s international festivals and contests allows for a powerful charge of emotions – from tension to joy, from triumph to tears of happiness, from the whirlwind of success to the impressive atmosphere of an international competition. Every year, thousands of young and talented artists from different countries come to Europe for these prestigious contests to showcase their creative potential and experience the unique atmosphere of Fiestalonia Milenio.

These are feelings that thousands of motivated performers have experienced in one of the most prestigious contests in Europe.

All of them go through unforgettable moments, as it’s a meeting of different creative groups and schools!
All the participants of the contest get an independent and professional mark of international judges who work according to an accurately considered valuation system. This has been developed by us for many years, guaranteeing the highest quality of judging. Each participant and the group’s teachers receive a numbered personalized certificate, which is registered with the Spanish council.

The ultimate goal of working on any art form is to showcase your talents and bring something new to the world of art! By participating in the international festivals and competitions held by Fiestalonia, you get a unique chance to showcase your art to the world. Fiestalonia organizes a wide range of international festivals and competitions, including specialized competitions for various creative groups and individual performers. These include choirs, orchestras, individual instrumental performers, dance competitions, folklore festivals, classical music and vocal performers’ competitions. Non-commercial creative groups of different genres can also participate in our mixed festivals-competitions.

Our main goal is fair competition, showcasing the art to the audience, and exchange of experience among participants and teachers from all over the world..

International competitions organized under the Fiestalonia brand contribute to the preservation and promotion of national traditions and ethnic cultures of various nations.

These cultural events aim to promote peace, friendship, brotherhood, and solidarity among peoples through dance, singing, and music, using rich traditions and revered folk standards of self-expression and communication. The international festival-competitions organized by Fiestalonia represent a great combination of the Olympic spirit of competitiveness with the opportunity to travel and learn about the culture of different countries. Fiestalonia offers carefully crafted and memorable excursion programs, as well as relaxation on the beaches of Costa Brava in Spain or on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Italy.

Each of our competitions has its own rules, programme and specifics. Deviations from the programme are not allowed without the approval of the Festival Organizing Committee. Clear communication between the Organizing Committee and group leaders and strict adherence to the rules by all participants is required.

Please read the RULES OF Behaviour during the festival

Invite to cooperate tourism agencies and individual agents from different countries. Cooperation with us is an opportunity to expand the geography of your business, attract new clients from different parts of the world, and strengthen your reputation in the global tourism market.

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We invite you to become a sponsor of participants in international competitions. Event sponsorship, support for participants, and assistance in organizing trips to competitions are a wonderful opportunity for companies to show themselves in the best light and demonstrate their concern for the future of cultural development of young generations.


Fiestalonia Milenio, S.L.
Lloret de Mar (Girona), Spain, 17310
Mob: + 34 688 276 248 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
E-mail: info@fiestalonia.net
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