International singing contest Voices of Costa Brava

This contest invites for the participation:  vocal studios, as individual performers – soloist

Spain, Barcelona – Costa Brava


09 – 14 July


07 – 12 July


06 — 11 July

The international vocal contest in Spain Voices of Costa Brava holds special significance in the competitive lives of vocalists from various countries. Soloists, duets, trios, and ensembles who perform popular and original works are eligible to participate.

This annual noteworthy event brings together the most talented vocalists in Spain for the competition. During the contest days, representatives of city authorities and the media attend the performances. It is a unique opportunity to search for sponsors who can support young talents on the international stage of creativity.

A vocal masterclass program is provided for leaders. Participants are given the opportunity to visit excursions, intellectual games, and discos during their free time.

⚠️ We give our priority to learning and sharing experiences. At this contest a big attention is paid to the educational program. The event includes master classes, workshops, rehearsals of joint numbers with foreign specialists with world names, whom we invite to upgrade the skills of the contestants and additional qualification of teachers. Teachers who have completed the master classes receive a certificate on a stamped paper of the Kingdom of Spain with individual numbers.

Based on the results of the vocal contest, laureates of three degrees and winners of the Grand Prix, diploma holders, and festival participants are determined by an international jury of vocalists. The vocal festival-contest in Spain is a celebration of song and voice, and a huge honor to showcase oneself at a high level. Each vocalist participant in the Voices of Costa Brava festival competition receives prizes and diplomas from the founders and organizers of the festival.

Lloret de Mar is located in the southern part of the Costa Brava, approximately 70 km northeast of Barcelona. It os one of the most popular resorts in the Mediterranean and the liveliest destination on this stretch of the Spanish coastline. The village, once a fishing community, covers an area of 48 square kilometers and boasts five main beaches along seven kilometers of coastline.

Visitors can reach Barcelona and its airport, El Prat, by train with connections to other destinations. Girona airport, which is just a 35-minute drive away, serves the local area. The beaches of Lloret are well-maintained and have crystal clear waters. Divers can explore the interesting areas around the rocky headlands. The main beach has a pleasant promenade with beautiful views and many excellent bars and restaurants.

Lloret has excellent tourist infrastructure with sports facilities, shopping, leisure activities and restaurants available for tourists. The safe and sandy beaches, which enjoy warm temperatures during the summer months are ideal for beach lovers. In addition, Europe’s largest water park, an aquatic zoo, and the Universal Studios Port Aventura theme park are all easily accessible.

Fiestalonia emerged as a result of our tireless efforts to revolutionize traditional festivals with more sophisticated and comfortable ones.

As organizers of international choral festivals and competitions, we take pride in the exceptional quality of our events. Our team of highly skilled professionals is committed to creating awe-inspiring and emotionally charged festivals that leave a lasting impression in the minds of attendees.

As a leading player in the festival event organizing industry, we understand the power we wield to influence the status quo by setting the bar high with our introduction of new standards and innovations. Quality is at the forefront of our ethos and we strive to embody the best traditions of international cultural gatherings. We have earned our position as the epitome of refinement, and our festivals have become a symbol of excellence in Spain and Europe.

All of our programs consist of two parts:

1. Participation in the competition and festival
2. Participation in the Festival without competing in the competition*.

* For those who don’t want to participate in the competitive program, but wish to participate in the festival. They will still participate in the other festival activities including: joint rehearsals, workshops and master classes, where they receive advice and an official certificate from the renowned international experts during a brief discussion in an open and friendly atmosphere. Non competing participants will also perform at international friendship concerts combining different kinds of art.
Communication with other participants, an open exchange of experience as well as a lot of master classes with internationally recognized experts, will certainly bring you to a whole new level of creativity!

6 reasons why you need participate in vocal contest

As part of the competition, there will be master classes conducted by Joan Carles Capdevila Torné!

Joan Carles Capdevila Torné, a graduate in Modern and Jazz Music from the Superior School of Music of Catalonia (ESMUC), is a recognized professional in the music field. In addition to being part of the jury, he will conduct an outstanding masterclass for vocalists. His extensive experience includes roles as an arranger, composer, studio singer, and member of a cappella groups. He also excels as an instrumentalist in various musical ensembles.
Joan Carles is an experienced teacher in the field of musical theater. He has recorded for renowned film companies such as Disney and Warner Bros. Furthermore, he is a regular collaborator in television programs produced by Gestmusic Endemol, including popular shows like Operación Triunfo, Vivo cantando, and Buscant La Trinca.
With a brilliant and versatile career, Joan Carles Capdevila Torné will bring his experience and knowledge to our event, enriching the participation of artists and providing a unique opportunity to learn from his talent.

The theme of the master class: “A Cappella Performance and the Importance of Rhythm in Contemporary Music”
In this masterclass, we will be exploring the essential elements of performing contemporary music a cappella. Each participant will have the opportunity to delve into the art of creating music without instrumental accompaniment. One of the key focuses of this workshop will be emphasizing the significance of rhythm in contemporary music.
Join us for a transformative experience as we uncover the intricacies of a cappella performance under the guidance of renowned vocalist Joan Carles Capdevila Torné. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your musical skills and explore the boundless possibilities of creating music without instruments.

  • I category: academic singing;
  • II category: jazz singing;
  • III category: rock and rap;
  • IV category: folk singing;
  • V category: pop singing;
  • VI category: musical.
  • Each group should present 1 or 2 competitive compositions of 2-5 minutes each. Each soloist should present 1 performance up to 4 minutes.
  • All the compositions should be recorded on a USB flash drive. And also it’s obligatory to have a backup copy of tracks.
  • In the application it’s necessary to specify if the layout of performances is needed or if the work will be executed by one set.
  • It’s obligatory to indicate soloists, duets and small groups of 3-5 persons.
  • During the competitive performances as to the groups, so to the soloists it’s prohibited to use lip-synching sound records.
  • I) younger than 9 years old
  • II ) 10-12 years
  • III) 13-15 years
  • IV) 16-19 years
  • V) 20-25 years
  • VI) from 26 years
  • Mixed

Information about members of the jury of the contest Voices of Costa Brava will be published later.

The jury has the right
  • not to award all the prizes; 
  • to share prize among performers;
  • to award special prizes to teachers for outstanding achievements;
  • to make a decision about breaking a performance which exceeds the bounds of the regulations;
  • the jury evaluates the participants on one hundred-point system, the final result is made up of the average quantity of the received scores and the average value of the progress scores;
  • the jury’s decisions are final and are not subject to review.
Evaluation criteria
  • purity of the intonation and quality of sound;
  • beauty of the timbre and the voice strength;
  • scenic culture, artistic skill
  • Mastery – technique of movements’ execution

The jury evaluates the participants on 100-point scale.

Regarding the genres of performing and nominations the awards are distributed due to seven age groups
  • participants who received up to 70 points become prize winners (copper diploma);
  • participants who received from 70 to 79 points – prize winners of the third degree (bronze diploma);
  • participants who received from 80 to 89 points become prize winners of the second degree (silver diploma);
  • participants who received from 90 to 99 points become prize winners of the first degree (gold diploma);
  • participants who received 100 points become winners of the grand prize of the contest Voices of Costa Brava (platinum diploma).

* Awards and certificates will be given to all the choirs from the providers of the contest. Each choir is given a personalized certificate in the form of engraving on a special base for its contribution into the cultural international relations. Each team head and sponsor will be given a personalized thank-you letter on the official numbered letterhead of the kingdom of Spain. Special trophy cups are provided for the winners.


1st day Sunday:
– check in to a hotel; (from 14:00)
– meeting with the organizers of the contest;
– presentation of the excursion programs;
– lunch;
– rehearsal (on request);
20:00 – dinner;

2nd day Monday: 
8:00 – breakfast;
13:00 – lunch;
14:00 – rehearsal;
17:00 – beginning of the festival;
21:00 – dinner.

3rd day Tuesday: 
8:00 – breakfast, free day;
09:00 – excursions (optionally for an additional charge);
20:00 – dinner.

4th day Wednesday: 
8:00 – breakfast, free day;
09:00 – excursions for those who are interested (for an additional charge);
20:00 – dinner.

5th day Thursday: 
8:00 – breakfast, free day;
09:00 – excursions (optionally for an additional charge);
18:00 – beginning of the gala concert of the winners and giving out of the awards.
20:00 – dinner.

6 th day Friday:
8:00 – breakfast;
– check out from the hotel at 10:00.

✅ ATTENTION! Organizers have opportunity to modify the program.
✅ ATTENTION! We can provide you with a transfer from airports and train stations to the hotel and back. Ask our managers for the price:
INCREASE the number of days of your stay and we will organize an excellent excursion program for you! The price of additional days is indicated in the “price” section. For detailed information on excursion programs, you can check with our managers by mail:
BOOK an excursion program in advance, ask our managers for details about our excursion offer:

* If you miss the lunch due to excursions or performances you have to ask for dry rations at the reception of your hotel the day before.

  • 6 days and 5 nights in a three-star hotel or in four-star hotel;
  • full board, buffet (breakfast, lunch, dinner)+ drinks;
  • two concerts: competitive viewing; Gala Concert with an award ceremony;
  • special thank-you certificates in the form of engraving on a special basis from the town´s authorities
  • thank-you letters for choreographers and sponsors on the official numbered letterheads of the kingdom of Spain.
  • festival fee;
  • for team leaders from 25 people we provide accommodation in a double room for the cost of living in a triple room;
  • visas support.


  • Soloists pay 60 Euros extra.
  • Duets pay 50 euros per duo.
  • Small forms of 3-5 people pay 40 euros per group.
  • For each additional nomination for soloists, duets, small groups up to 12 people – surcharge 20 euros/person.
  • For participation in the additional nomination for groups of 13 persons and more – surcharge 250 euros per group.


Each 25th group’s participant gets a pack of our services for free!*

*All the list of the assignable services you can find in the section “What is included into the price”.

Attention: We can provide you with a transfer from airports and train stations to the hotel and back. Ask our managers for the price:
Attention: Check out from the hotel at 10:00.

Extra services

  • Original pictures from the contest, gala concert and the award ceremony on a CD/flash drive;
  • Photo services during the trips/excursions. Photoshoots for groups and soloists;
  • Concertmaster;
  • Hair stylist (Make up and hairstyle);
  • Master classes from the Spanish art workers;
  • Assisting Translator. (accompanying person);
  • Video shooting of a contest/gala concert.

* All the extra services are provided on demand. They should be requested minimum 3 days before the beginning of the contest. The prices of the extra services are to be specified from our managers.

Extra trips

  • Barcelona city sightseeing tour  + The Spanish Village or Aquarium  
  • Montserrat
  • Girona + museum of Salvador Dali
  • Port Aventura
  • Tossa de Mar (city-fortress)!
  • Chivalrous tournament with dinner and drinks
  • Flamenco show with dinner and drinks
Hotel 3***
Three-star hotel with full board
Hotel 4****
Four-star hotel with full board
▪️ accommodation in a triple room €435 /a person – extra day €74/a person
▪️ accommodation in a double room €468 /a person – extra day €84/a person
▪️ accommodation in a single room €799 /a person – extra day €96/a person
▪️ accommodation in a triple room €501 /a person – extra day €88/a person
▪️ accommodation in a double room €513 /a person – extra day €101/a person
▪️ accommodation in a single room €884 /a person – extra day €123/a person

* All the rooms in these hotels are reserved as the applications for participation and payment are received. After these hotels are fully booked, you may be offered alternative options for hotels at higher prices. Don’t miss the opportunity and arrange the trip now!

ATTENTION: For accompany who do not perform and do not take part in workshops – a 10% discount is given on the package price.

✅ ATTENTION: Price does not include tourist tax. Tourist tax is paid directly by the client directly to the hotel at check in.

  • the last day of receiving of the applications is for 30 days before the beginning of the festival;
  • the last day of payment is for 21 days before the beginning of the festival;
  • terms and conditions of the agreement are to be requested from our managers.

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