Fiestalonia Milenio – European leader in organization of international festivals & contests for creative teams

Immerse yourself in the fascinating international festivals and competitions organized by Fiestalonia – bright and spectacular, they will be remembered forever in your hearts! 

Participation in the prestigious competitions of Fiestalonia is a high honor. Thanks to the projects of Fiestalonia, everyone, regardless of their artistic level, has the opportunity to share with others their talent and the audience witnesses the bright performances of the participants from around the world united by a passion for art. Festivals organized by Fiestalonia allow participants to open the arms of friendship, ensuring a new quality of the common future of the people in this world. Take a look at this short video to feel the power of the international competitions organized by Fiestalonia. 

Trips to festivals

Take part in the International Festival-Competition on one of the newest and largest cruise liners in the world – MSC SEAVIEW!

Can’t travel? Participate online!


As an organiser of international festivals and competitions, Fiestalonia appeared as a result of our enthusiastic work, constant search for new ideas and the desire to replace the traditional festivals with more perfect and comfortable ones.

The exceptionally high quality of the festivals is guaranteed by the promise given by the team of Fiestalonia. Our company is strong thanks to our employees, each of whom is a highly qualified professional and a positive person. We create our festivals as stunning and emotionally charged events that invariably remain in memory as the most vivid life impressions.

We realise that, as a flagship of the industry of organisation of festival events, we have the opportunity to influence the established models of festivals through the introduction of the highest standards and innovations. We focus on quality, we think it is the most important and intrinsic value. We have achieved the position that Fiestalonia festivals personify the refinement embodying the best traditions of international cultural meetings.


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