This contest invites for the participation:Choirs and Vocal Ensembles

Spain, Barcelona – Costa Brava


July 07 – 11


July 13 – 17


July 12 — 16

The international contest of choirs “GOLDEN VOICES OF BARCELONA” – is a remarkable opportunity for both professional and amateur, non-profit choirs.

Not only will they participate in a one-of-a-kind international festival-contest, but they will also get the chance to perform in friendly concerts and a gala concert in the main square city.

The winning choir will be given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to perform in the heart of Barcelona, either in the iconic Sagrada Familia by Gaudi, the Basilica de Santa Maria del Pi in the Gothic old city blocks, or La Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia.

⚠️ We give our priority to learning and sharing experiences. At this contest a big attention is paid to the educational program. The event includes master classes, workshops. Teachers who have completed the master classes receive a certificate.

Would you like to participate in a contest of choirs but don’t have the means to do so? Then hurry to search for sponsors in your region. Such an opportunity may only come once in a lifetime.

The combination of the festival with the competition gives an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of celebration and music including choirs wishing to perform outside the contest viewing. This is a significant event for choirs combined with an excellent opportunity to relax on the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean under the tender rays of the Spanish sun, visit Girona, Barcelona, visit the Monastery of Montserrat, the French town of Carcassonne or theatre-museum of Salvador Dali in Figueras.

The event is held to promote the art of choral and vocal singing, organ music, as well as to develop creative links between vocal ensembles and choirs of countries, to expand the repertoire of choral groups, creating new choral contacts and exchange of experience. The contestants are evaluated by a professional international jury according to expert evaluation criteria.

As an organiser of international choral festivals and competitions, Fiestalonia appeared as a result of our enthusiastic work, constant search for new ideas and the desire to replace the traditional festivals with more perfect and comfortable ones.
The exceptionally high quality of the festivals is guaranteed by the promise given by the team of Fiestalonia.

Our company is strong thanks to our employees, each of whom is a highly qualified professional and a positive person. We create our festivals as stunning and emotionally charged events that invariably remain in memory as the most vivid life impressions.

We realise that, as a flagship of the industry of organisation of festival events, we have the opportunity to influence the established models of festivals through the introduction of the highest standards and innovations. We focus on quality, we think it is the most important and intrinsic value. We have achieved the position that Fiestalonia festivals personify the refinement embodying the best traditions of international cultural meetings.

All of our programs consist of two parts:

1. Participation in the competition and festival
2. Participation in the Festival without competing in the competition*.

* For those who don’t want to participate in the competitive program, but wish to participate in the festival. They will still participate in the other festival activities including: joint rehearsals, workshops and master classes, where they receive advice and an official certificate from the renowned international experts during a brief discussion in an open and friendly atmosphere. Non competing participants will also perform at international friendship concerts combining different kinds of art.
Communication with other participants, an open exchange of experience as well as a lot of master classes with internationally recognized experts, will certainly bring you to a whole new level of creativity!

6 reasons why you need participate in contest of choirs

Competition jury and master classes

Dr. John Hooper

Musician, Conductor, Composer. Doctor of Musical Arts in the field of choral music

More Info

Professor Emeritus at Concordia University of Edmonton Dr. John Hooper served as Professor and Director of the School of Music. In addition to conducting several choral and handbell ensembles, he taught conducting, choral technique, theory and aural skills, among others. For his work there, he was recently honoured with the 2022 Con Spirito Award by Choir Alberta.

Currently, he is the musical director of Island Voices, an auditioned, mixed chamber choir based in Courtenay/Campbell River on B.C.’s Vancouver Island.

Most recently he served as an examiner for the London College of Music through the University of West London. His work has taken him throughout southeast and south-central Asia as well as Africa and the Middle East. He has served as an evaluator and adjudicator for the Singapore Youth Festival, the Indonesia University Sacred Choral Festival Pesparawi, A Voyage of Songs (Thailand), the North Sumatra International Choral Competition (Indonesia), the City of Hobart (Australia) Eisteddfod, the Hong Kong Handbell Olympics, the Handbells Asia Festival in Malaysia, and several local festivals throughout Alberta.

He has also developed and led professional development seminars in foundational conducting, a guide to rehearsal, expressive musicianship, and techniques for voice and handbells.
His academic focus is on conducting and pedagogy, resulted in a set of three videos, The Art & Work of Choir, designed for the novice choir director, which are regularly broadcast on ACCESS-TV. His articles and reviews have appeared in The Music Alberta Magazine, ACF’s Quires, the Canadian Lutheran, the Manitoba Music Educator, and the ACDA Choral Journal.

He earned his D.M.A. in choral music from Arizona State University as well as degrees in theory and composition from A.S.U. and James Madison University in Virginia. Dr. Hooper furthered his studies under Dr. Richard Sparks, Maestro Frieder Bernius, Maestro Peter Phillips, and Dr. René Clausen through grants from the Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund.

You can learn more about Dr. John Hooper’s area on the official website.

Bernardo Latini

Composer · Choir conductor · Educator

More Info

Bernardo Latini. A significant portion of his time is devoted to writing music, with a special focus on choral compositions, whether a cappella or combined with orchestra or ensemble.

Teaching also plays a vital role in Bernardo’s activities. He is a faculty member at the National University of La Plata (UNLP) in Argentina and regularly conducts courses and workshops in Latin America and Europe.
Bernardo pursued studies in Composition and Choral Conducting at the Faculty of Arts of UNLP. He further refined his skills in Composition under the guidance of Maestro Bernat Vivancos at the Escola Superior de Música (ESMUC) in Barcelona, Catalonia, and in Choral Conducting with Maestro Marco Berrini in Milan, Italy.
His compositions and arrangements have received 16 awards in National and International Choral Composition or Arrangement Competitions, and his works have been published by prestigious publishers in Germany, Austria, Catalonia, the United States, and Argentina.

Jordi Casas Bayer

Conductor and musician

More Info

Jordi Casas Bayer
He began his musical studies at the Escolania de Montserrat, and later continued pursuing them in Barcelona, where he also studied Law and Philosophy. He founded the Càrmina Choir and was its conductor for more than fifteen years. He also conducted, for two years, the RTVE Choir. From September of 1988 until 1998 he was the musical director and artistic director of the Orfeó Català. In September of 1990 he formed the Chamber Choir of the Palau de la Música Catalana, which he conducted until July of 2011. He has also been in charge of the Comunidad de Madrid Choir from 2000 until July of 2011. In Madrid, he also developed his work as a choir conductor with the Teatro Real Choir, which regularly collaborated with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid, between 2004 and 2008.
He has conducted and prepared around three thousand concerts, having the opportunity to collaborate with the most prestigious of conductors, with a great variety of instrumental ensembles, and, at the same time, cultivating all kinds of genres and styles.
He has taught numerous courses on choir conducting, both in Spain and abroad, and has participated as conductor in Europe’s most prestigious festivals (Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Austria) and also in Israel, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, the USA, Argentina, Brasil, China, Morrocco, and Japan. In the summer of 1997, he conducted the Europa Cantat European Youth Choir.
Recently, he has been conductor, for the second time, of the RTVE Choir from September of 2011 to August of 2013. Regarding choir, he is currently an artist in residence of the l’Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León, and he assiduously collaborates with the Scherzo Female Chamber Choir as guest conductor.

Joan Carles Capdevila

Musician · Singer · Musical arranger

More Info

Joan Carles Capdevila Torné, a graduate in Modern and Jazz Music from the Superior School of Music of Catalonia (ESMUC), is a recognized professional in the music field. His extensive experience includes roles as an arranger, composer, studio singer, and member of a cappella groups.
Joan Carles is an experienced teacher in the field of musical theater. He has recorded for renowned film companies such as Disney and Warner Bros. Furthermore, he is a regular collaborator in television programs produced by Gestmusic Endemol, including popular shows like Operación Triunfo, Vivo cantando, and Buscant La Trinca.

Xavier García Cardona

Conductor, pianist and composer graduated in orchestra conducting from Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona.

More Info

He teaches piano, music theory and harmony in Academia Barcelona Concertante and is the main conductor of Cor Tessàlia. García has conducted several choirs and orchestras and has been invited to hold seminars, presentations and workshops for choirs and for different choral meetings, festivals and symposiums, both in Spain as well as in other European countries. He was one of the founders and co-conductors of the Revoice International Vocal Ensemble, a choir of singers from more than 25 nationalities, performing in several countries and important festivals and events around Europe.
As a composer he has achieved national and international success winning different prizes, and his works are performed worldwide. He has been invited as a jury member of choral composition competitions and choir competitions.
García obtained a fellowship to participate in the “Start-Up for young conductors” program at the European Festival of Youth Choirs Basel 2016. He was also involved in the organization of the World Choral Symposium Barcelona 2017 and has been a member of the artistic committee of the Catalan Youth Choirs Association. He is currently an active member of the Spanish Association of choral conductors (AEDCORO).



Children’s choirs and youth choirs

The performance program may be of the choir’s choice and should include at least two different musical styles or time periods.
At least one of the pieces must be performed a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment).

Age groups: 7-16
Singing time: maximum 15 minutes
Minimum Number of Singers -16

Age groups: 16-25
Singing time: maximum 15 minutes
Minimum Number of Singers -16

Age groups: 16-25
Singing time: maximum 15 minutes
Minimum Number of Singers -16


Vocal Ensembles and Chamber Choirs

The performance program may be of the choir’s choice and should include at least two different musical styles or time periods.
At least one of the pieces must be performed a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment).

Age groups:

1st – 7-10 years old
2nd 11-14 years old
3rd 15-18 years old
4th 18-25 years old
5th above 25 years old
6th Mixed Age Group (participants from various age categories)
Singing time: maximum 15 minutes
Minimum Number of Singers -3
Maximum Number of Singers -16


Adult Choirs

The performance program may be of the choir’s choice and should include at least two different musical styles or time periods.
At least one of the pieces must be performed a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment).

С1 – Female Choirs
Age groups: 18 and over
Singing time: maximum 15 minutes
Minimum Number of Singers -1

С2 – Male Choirs
Age groups: 18 and over
Singing time: maximum 15 minutes
Minimum Number of Singers -1

С3 – Mixed Choirs
Age groups: 18 and over
Singing time: maximum 15 minutes
Minimum Number of Singers -1


World Sacred Music

Participants can present choral arrangements and ritual music from Christian Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Islamic, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, and many other traditions. This may also include religious melodies and hymns, prayers, spiritual songs, and ceremonial music.
The performance program may be of the choir’s choice

Age groups: no age restrictions
Singing time: maximum 15 minutes
Number of Singers no restrictions



Ensembles perform a folklore program. Corresponding choreography and stage performance are also possible. It is advisable to sing in traditional costumes. If there is no musical notation, please prepare a brief description of the program in English.
The performance program can be chosen by the choir.

Age groups: no age restrictions
Singing time: maximum 15 minutes
Number of Singers no restrictions 


Pop – jazz – gospel

The performance program may be of the choir’s choice. Performances may include pieces with instrumental accompaniment, phonograms or a cappella.

Age groups: no age restrictions
Singing time: maximum 15 minutes
Number of Singers no restrictions


Academic Singing

Participants may present works from the classical repertoire, including opera, operetta, arias, etc. At least one of the pieces must be performed a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment).

Age groups:
1st – 7-10 years old
2nd – 11–14 years old
3rd – 15–18 years old
4th – 18–25 years old
5th – above 25 years old
6th – Mixed Age Group (participants from various age categories)
Singing time: maximum 15 minutes. Number of Singers no restrictions


Competition performance

  1. The competition takes place at the Municipal Theater of Lloret de Mar.
  2. For performances, the organizer provides a Yamaha Arius YDP 143 piano with 88 keys and two organ functions. Additionally, a grand piano is available (subject to availability on the day of the competition). The organizer can also provide 6 Condenser microphones, 4 Wireless microphones, and 2 Headset microphones. If the choir requires any additional equipment, musical instruments, or anything else, they must bring it with them or request it from the organizing committee for an additional fee.
  3. SINGING TIME: In all categories, the time limit for clean singing is 15 minutes (minimum 7 minutes). This does not include applause and stage time. The exact duration of each piece must be correctly indicated on the Program Confirmation form that we will send you 30 days before the contest.
  4. In those categories where a phonogram is used for performances, please send the phonogram in MP3 format to the specified e-mail address together with the confirmation form.
  5. Please ensure you bring 5 copies of the sheet music for each musical composition to be performed. Scores without titles or composer names printed in the Roman alphabet must have a transcription in Roman characters

One copy of the score will be retained by the organizer after the competition. The remaining scores can be collected from the organizer after the awards ceremony.
Each participating choir is responsible for respecting copyright and performance rights for the songs during the competition. The use of unauthorized or reproduced copies is strictly prohibited.

Performance in Barcelona

  1. For all the choirs there’s provided a short tour of Barcelona and performance in Sagrada Familia or in the La Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia or in the Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi.
  2. Repertoire of the performances in the Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi/La Sagrada Família / La Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia must comply with a place of performance.
  3. At Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi/La Sagrada Família/La Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia, musical pieces may only be performed a cappella.
  4. All women and girls are required to cover their shoulders during the performance.
  5. The repertoire of performances in Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi/La Sagrada Família/La Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia must comply with the religious framework of venue.

AGREEMENT: With the application, all participating choirs agree to photography, recordings and broadcasts in sound or television as well as any other recordings made in conjunction with the competition “Golden Voices of Barcelona”.

“Creative Festival Evening – Friendship Meetup Night – Disco, Battles, Open Mic”

“Creative Festival Evening – Friendship Meetup Night – Disco, Battles, Open Mic” is designed for creative exchange and interaction between participants from different countries. All participants are invited to present their performances and show their skills in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

For “Creative Festival Evening – Friendship Meetup Night – Disco, Battles, Open Mic” you can prepare one number to be performed together or in separate groups. It can be an a cappella performance, songs with instrumental accompaniment or with a phonogram. The participants’ performance at the evening is optional.


The jury of the contest is formed of the most important cultural workers of Spain, France, Canada and other countries of the Eastern Europe and Asia. International jury is formed by the contest’s providers. 

The jury has the right
  • not to award all the prizes; 
  • to share prize among performers;
  • to award special prizes to teachers for outstanding achievements;
  • to make a decision about breaking a performance which exceeds the bounds of the regulations;
  • the jury evaluates the participants on one hundred-point system, the final result is made up of the average quantity of the received scores and the average value of the progress scores;
  • the jury’s decisions are final and are not subject to review.
Judging criteria

1-Technical Proficiency: This criterion assesses the quality of performance, pitch accuracy, intonation, diction, rhythmic precision, breath control, and other technical aspects.

2-Interpretation: It evaluates the choir’s ability to convey emotions and ideas of the musical composition, expressiveness, artistry, depth, and insight into the musical work.

3-Musicianship: This criterion focuses on the choir’s musical understanding and expressiveness, their ability to work in unity, maintain tempo and dynamics, and use dynamic nuances effectively.

4-Repertoire: The evaluation includes the selection and diversity of musical repertoire, the complexity of the pieces chosen, and how well the choir adapts to different styles and genres.

5-Ensemble Interaction: This criterion assesses the unity and coordination of the choir during performance, their ability to listen to each other, synchronize movements, and interact with the conductor.

6-Accuracy of Interpretation: It evaluates how well the choir follows the provided scores and accurately interprets the musical notations.

7-Overall Impression: It encompasses the overall assessment of the choir’s performance, their level of professionalism, originality, and uniqueness.


The jury evaluates the participants on 100-point scale.

Regarding the genres of performing and categories the awards are distributed due to seven age groups
  • participants who received up to 70 points become diploma holders;
  • participants who received from 70 to 79 points – laureates of the third degree;
  • participants who received from 80 to 89 points become laureates of the second degree;
  • participants who received from 90 to 99 points become laureates of the first degree;
  • participants who received 100 points become Grand Prix winners of the contest GOLDEN VOICES OF BARCELONA.
  • Grand Prix winners receive a big cup and diplomas (one per group/category);
  • First place winners receive a standard trophy and diplomas (one per group/category);
  • Second and third place winners receive diplomas (one per group/category);
  • All contestants receive diplomas with their results (one per group/category).

Each choir is given a personalized certificate in the form of engraving on a special base for its contribution into the cultural international relations.
Each conductor and sponsor will be given a personalized thank-you letter on the official numbered letterhead of the kingdom of Spain.
Special trophy cups are provided for the winners.
Each contestant in the group can request a personal diploma and medal for an additional fee (before the competition).


1st day:
– check-in to a hotel from 14:00 pm;
– dinner;
– meeting with the organizers of the contest;
– presentation of the excursion programs;
– rehearsal (on request);

2nd day:
8:00 – breakfast;
12:30 – lunch;
14:00 – rehearsal;
15:30 – beginning of the contest;
20:00 – dinner.

3rd day:
08:00 – breakfast;
09:00 – possible organization of friendly concerts and master classes;
13:00 – Lunch at the hotel;
18:30 – Gala concert in the main square of the city. Thousands of visitors gather to see this spectacular show of choirs;
21:00 – Dinner at the hotel.

4th day:
08:00 – breakfast;
09:00 – trip to Barcelona
– Short tour in Barcelona;
– Performance at the expiatory church of La Sagrada Família or La Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia or Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi;
– Return to the hotel;
20:00 – dinner;
21:00 – possibility to visit flamenco show with wine, sangria, cava and drinks (for additional fee).

5th day:
– breakfast;
– check out from the hotel at 10:00.

✅ ATTENTION! Organizers have opportunity to modify the program.
✅ ATTENTION! We can provide you with a transfer from airports and train stations to the hotel and back. Ask our managers for the price:
INCREASE the number of days of your stay and we will organize an excellent excursion program for you! The price of additional days is indicated in the “price” section. For detailed information on excursion programs, you can check with our managers by mail:
BOOK an excursion program in advance, ask our managers for details about our excursion offer:

* If you miss the lunch due to excursions or performances you have to ask for dry rations at the reception of your hotel the day before.

Hotel 3***
Three-star hotel with full board
Hotel 4****
Four-star hotel with full board
▪️accommodation in a triple room 380 euros / person – additional day 55 euros / person

▪️accommodation in a double room 395 euros / person – additional day 60 euros / person

▪️accommodation in a single room 435 euros / person – additional day 85 euros / person
▪️accommodation in a triple room 420 euros / person – additional day 67 euros / person

▪️accommodation in a double room 435 euros / person – additional day 72 euros / person

▪️accommodation in a single room 475 euros / person – additional day 99 euros / person

* All the rooms in these hotels are reserved as the applications for participation and payment are received. After these hotels are fully booked, you may be offered alternative options for hotels at higher prices. Don’t miss the opportunity and arrange the trip now!

ATTENTION: For accompany who do not perform and do not take part in workshops – a 10% discount is given on the package.

✅ ATTENTION: Price does not include tourist tax. Tourist tax is paid directly by the client directly to the hotel at check in.


  • 5 days and 4 nights in a three-star hotel or in four-star hotel;
  • full board, buffet (breakfast, lunch, dinner)+ drinks;
  • three concerts: competitive viewing, performance of choirs in Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi or in La Sagrada Família or in La Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia and Gala Concert with award ceremony;
  • certificates and trophy cups from the contest providers;
  • special thank-you certificates in the form of engraving on a special base from the town authorities;
  • thank-you letters for conductors and sponsors on the official numbered letterheads of the kingdom of Spain (included 2 letters);
  • Consolidated rehearsals of choirs with foreign choirmasters;
  • Master classes;
  • contest fee;
  • transfer + excursion in Barcelona;
  • preparation of invitation documents for visa;
  • “Creative Festival Evening – Friendship Meetup Night – Disco, Battles, Open Mic”;
  • Live streaming of the contest viewings and Gala concerts on YouTube.

Subscribe to watch the events in the stream:


– For participation in the additional nomination of groups – an additional fee of 275 euros per group.

*Each contestant in the group can request a named diploma and medal for 10 euros (before the competition).

*Additional letters of appreciation on a numbered State Emblem paper of the Kingdom of Spain can be requested for 10 euros (before the competition).


Each 25th group’s participant gets a pack of our services for free!*

Attention: We can provide you with a transfer from airports and train stations to the hotel and back. Ask our managers for the price:
Attention: Check out from the hotel at 10:00.

Additional services

  • Original pictures from the contest, gala concert and the award ceremony on a CD/flash drive;
  • Photo services during the trips/excursions. Photoshoots;
  • Concertmaster;
  • Hair stylist (Make up and hairstyle);
  • Master classes from the Spanish art workers;
  • Assisting Translator (accompanying person);
  • Video shooting of a contest/gala concert.

Additional Travel services

  • Airport transfers to the hotel or any transportation services.
  • Hotel reservation in Barcelona


  • Barcelona city sightseeing tour + The Spanish Village or Aquarium
  • Montserrat
  • Girona + museum of Salvador Dali
  • Port Aventura – entertainment park complex
  • Tossa de Mar (city-fortress)!
  • Flamenco show with dinner and drinks

*All the extra services are provided on demand. They should be requested minimum 3 days before the beginning of the contest. The prices of the extra services are to be specified from our managers.

Extra Trip

-Trip to the French Riviera for 2 nights with an overnight stay in Nice. Costa Brava (Spain) – Cannes (France) – Nice (France) – Monte Carlo (Monaco).

*For details and pricing, please contact our managers via email at


Why is it worth participating in this contest

  • one of the biggest choir’s event;
  • not just rare, but the only opportunity to perform in the most famous Catholic church in Europe. Now this is real!;
  • Sagrada Família and La Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia where the Archbishop’s residence is located – the most popular attractions in one of the most visited European city, which means you will be able to perform in front of thousands of people from all over the world;
  • participation in competitions of this magnitude – a great motivation for children and adults to develop their talents and improve themselves;
  • bright opening and closing ceremonies;
  • evaluation system, which guarantees the highest quality of judging;
  • Full board (buffet: breakfast, lunch, dinner + drinks);
  • official international diplomas with the results of the contest (one per group/category);
  • team leaders and sponsors are given personalized thank-you letters on the official numbered letterhead of the kingdom of Spain;
  • opportunity to receive a certificate for contribution into the cultural international progress in the form of engraving on a special base.
  • the last day of receiving of the applications is for 30 days before the beginning of the festival;
  • the last day of payment is for 21 days before the beginning of the festival;
  • terms and conditions of the agreement are to be requested from our managers.

Download the contest program in PDF format

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