“Mediterranean Voice & Instrumental music Games” – International competition on the MSC World Europe cruiser

This international festival-competition invites for the participation: 🎙 vocalists and 🎻 instrumentalists,☝️ for groups end solists

Barcelona (Spain) – Marseille (France) – Genoa (Italy) – Rome (Italy) – Palermo (Italy) – Malta – Barcelona (Spain)


MSC WORLD Europe Cruise Liner

Cruise date:

from November 21 to November 29, 2024

For those enchanted by the harmonies of melody and captivated by the power of musical expression, we extend a warm invitation to the inaugural edition of the “Mediterranean Voice & Instrumental Music Games”.

In the grand tradition of celebrating artistic excellence on the high seas, this unique competition will unfold amidst the luxury and splendor of the MSC World Europe cruise liner. As the azure Mediterranean Sea provides a breathtaking backdrop, participants will embark on a musical odyssey that transcends boundaries and captures the essence of musical brilliance.

Join us for this extraordinary event where the spirit of music converges with the beauty of the Mediterranean, promising an unforgettable journey for participants and audiences alike. Let your musical talents set sail on the MSC World Europe, where the notes resonate with the rhythm of the sea.

Day of arrival and accommodation at a hotel on the Costa Brava or Barcelona*

Day 1Friday, 22 Nov 2024Port:Barcelona, SpainArrival: –Departure: 18:00
Day 2Saturday, 23 Nov 2024Port:Marseille (Provence)Arrival: 8:00Departure: 18:00
Day 3Sunday, 24 Nov 2024Port:Genoa (Portofino), ItalyArrival: 8:00Departure: 18:00
Day 4Monday, 25 Nov 2024Port:Civitavecchia (Rome), ItalyArrival: 7:00Departure: 19:00
Day 5Tuesday, 26 Nov 2024Port:Palermo, ItalyArrival: 9:00Departure: 17:00
Day 6Wednesday, 27 Nov 2024Port:Valletta, MaltaArrival: 9:00Departure: 17:00
Day 7Thursday, 28 Nov 2024Port:At seaArrival: –Departure: –
Day 8Friday, 29 Nov 2024Port:Barcelona, SpainArrival: 8:00Departure: –

All of our programs consist of two parts:

1. Participation in the competition;
2. Participation in the contest without competing in the competition*.

* For those who do not wish to take part in the competition programme and be evaluated by the jury, but who wish to perform within the framework of the competition in an open and friendly atmosphere. To exchange experiences, attend master classes and take advantage of excursion programmes!

6 reasons why you need participate in this festival

We currently have on our website

For the contest:
In the nomination:



  • I category: academic singing;
  • II category: jazz singing;
  • III category: rock and rap;
  • IV category: folk singing;
  • V category: pop singing;
  • VI category: musical.

B. Instrumental:

  • I category: piano solo, piano groups for one instrument (it’s not allowed to perform the program playing more than one instrument);
  • II category: folklore instruments;
  • III category: orchestral instruments: bowed string, wind and percussion instruments (soloists and groups);
  • IV category: guitar (soloists and groups).

С. Mixed Ensembles:

  • The “Mixed Ensembles” category features performances that integrate both vocal and instrumental elements, allowing participants to demonstrate a creative fusion of musical styles.

Performance Duration:

  • Each participant must present one competition performance lasting up to 8 minutes.

If the duration of your performance exceeds these limits, please coordinate this with the Organizing Committee.

  • I) younger than 9 years old
  • II ) 10-12 years old
  • III) 13-15 years old
  • IV) 16-19 years old
  • V) 20-25 years old
  • VI) from 26 years old
  • VII) Mixed age category Mixta

Participation Conditions:

  • Solos, duets, and groups of up to 5 people must provide one competition number included in the participation fee.
  • Groups of five or more may present 1 or 2 competition numbers in one chosen category, also included in the fee.

Participation in Different Categories:

  • Participants may attend various categories for an additional fee.

Performance Venue:

  • The competition and Gala Concert will take place in one of the theaters aboard the MSC WORLD EUROPE cruise liner.

Submission of Soundtracks:

  • Participants must send performance soundtracks in MP3 format to the designated email address along with the confirmation form before the specified deadline.


  • All participants will be allocated specific time for rehearsal and sound check before their scheduled performance. It is essential to adhere to the assigned time for the smooth flow of the competition.

Technical Requirements:

  • Clearly specify any technical requirements, such as lighting, sound equipment, or special effects.

The Mediterranean Voice & Instrumental Music Games jury comprises outstanding artists, educators, and producers. The exact list of jury members will be published closer to the competition date. The list of potential jury members of the jury of the competition can be found at: http://fiestalonia.net/our-jury/

The jury has the right

  • Withhold prizes.
  • Divide prizes among performers.
  • Award special prizes to teachers for outstanding achievements.
  • Decide to interrupt a performance that violates the rules.
  • Jury decisions are final and not subject to review.

Judging criteria:

Instrumental music
  • Technical Proficiency (40 points):
  • – Precision, technique mastery, and control
  • – Accurate dynamics, articulation, and expression
  • Musical Interpretation (30 points):
  • – Emotive quality and expressive interpretation
  • – Effective use of musical phrasing and dynamics
  • Stage Presence (15 points):
  • – Confident stage demeanor and interaction with the instrument
  • – Connection with the audience
  • Creativity and Artistic Expression (15 points):
  • – Originality in interpretation
  • Vocal Technique (40 points):
  • – Pitch accuracy, breath control, and range
  • – Vocal flexibility and support
  • Vocal Expression (30 points):
  • – Emotional interpretation of lyrics
  • – Dynamics and nuanced vocal control
  • Stage Presence (15 points):
  • – Confidence and engagement on stage
  • – Expressive body language and facial expressions
  • Artistic Interpretation (15 points):
  • – Creative and original performance
  • – Conveyance of mood and message with personal style
Mixed Ensembles
  • Musical Blend (30 points):
  • – Harmonious integration of vocals and instruments
  • – Balanced ensemble dynamics
  • Technical Proficiency (25 points):
  • – Accurate instrumentation and vocal control
  • – Synchronization between instrumentalists and vocalists
  • Expression (25 points):
  • – Emotional connection in vocals
  • – Artistic interpretation in both vocals and instruments
  • Collaboration (15 points):
  • – Seamless communication and mutual support
  • – Collective confidence and engagement
  • Stage Presence (15 points):
  • – Cohesive ensemble poise on stage
  • – Engagement with the audience and overall visual appeal

The jury evaluates the participants on 100-point scale

  • participants who received up to 70 points become diploma Holders;
  • participants who received from 70 to 79 points – laureates of the third degree;
  • participants who received from 80 to 89 points become laureates of the second degree;
  • participants who received from 90 to 99 points become laureates of the first degree;
  • participants who received 100 points become Winners of the Grand Prize of the contest Mediterranean Voice & Instrumental Music Games.

The Grand Prix winners received a large special crystal trophy and diplomas (one for each group/category), as well as medals (for each participant); and a Special Cruise trophy cup MSC World Europe.

  • First place winners received a standard crystal trophy and diplomas (one per group/category) and medals (for each contestant);
  • Second, third place and Diploma Holders winners received diplomas (one for each group/category) and medals (for each contestant);

Each group / delegation is given a personalized certificate in the form of engraving on a special base for its contribution into the cultural international relations.

The leader of each group and sponsor is presented with a thank-you letter on stamped paper of the Kingdom of Spain.


1st day – Arrival in Barcelona:
– Transfer to the hotel,
– Optional tour of Barcelona (for additional cost),
– Check-in to hotel in Lloret de Mar or Barcelona,
– Dinner.

2nd day – Boarding day on cruise liner:
– Breakfast in the hotel,
– Boarding – registration, cruise card issuance,
– Lunch on the cruise liner,
– Dinner on the cruise liner,
– General meeting for all participants and a separate meeting with group leaders,
– Evening program.

3rd day – First part of the competition:
– Breakfast,
– Half-day optional excursion to explore Marseille (for additional cost),
– Lunch,
– First part of the competition in the theater,
– Dinner in a restaurant or buffet,
– Evening program.

4th day – Milan or Genoa Excursion and Second part of the competition:
– Breakfast in the buffet or restaurant,
– Full-day excursion to Milan or excursion to Genoa (optional, for additional cost),
– Second part of the competition in the theater,
– Lunch,
– Dinner,
– Creative meetings, masterclasses,
– Evening program.

5th day – Rome Exploration:
– Breakfast in the buffet or restaurant,
– Full-day excursion to Rome, exploring its culture and history (optional, for additional cost),
– Dinner,
– Evening program.

6th day – Palermo, Sicily, or free day:
– Breakfast,
– Full-day excursion to Palermo, Sicily (optional, for additional cost),
– Creative meetings, masterclasses,
– Lunch and dinner.

7th day – Malta Excursion or free day:
– Excursion to Malta (optional, additional fee),
– Breakfast, lunch, and dinner,
– Creative meetings, masterclasses,
– Evening program.

8th day – Day at Sea and Gala Concert:
– Breakfast,
– Day at sea with onboard activities,
– Gala concert and awarding of participants,
– Gala dinner,
– Evening program.

9th day – Arrival in Barcelona:
– Breakfast,
– Arrival in Barcelona,
– Disembarkation (Check-out from cruise liner).

✅ ATTENTION! Organizers can modify the programme.


Accommodation and Cost:

  • Interior Cabin
  • Window Cabin
  • Balcony Cabin with Promenade View
  • Balcony Cabin with Sea View

Preferably double accommodations; limited triple and quadruple accommodations are available upon request. Children under 12 years old may receive discounts if they are the third or fourth passenger in a cabin.

Cost starts from 1358 euros per person.
Participation in Additional Categories:
  • Soloists: 70 euros for each additional performance.
  • Duets: 60 euros for each additional duet.
  • Small Groups (3-4 people): 50 euros for each additional group.
  • Groups (5-10 people): 25 euros for each additional participant.
  • Groups (11 people and more): 275 euros for each additional group performance.

✅ For a detailed calculation, please contact us via email or phone: Email: info@fiestalonia.net Phone: +34 688 276 248


  • Accommodation in the chosen cabin;
  • Full board;
  • drinks package included dedicated selection of house wines by the glass, beer, a selection of classic cocktails, mixed cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks (unlimited non-alcoholic cocktails, soft drinks, energy drinks, mineral water, bottled water, fruit juices, a wide range of premium coffee drinks (espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, hot tea), hot chocolate delights, organic tea and ice cream). Drinks included in the selection can be consumed in all bars, buffets and restaurants, except in speciality restaurants and theme bars;
  • Cocktail with captain;
  • Gala night with a special menu;
  • Use of all ship facilities;
  • Participation in onboard activities and entertainment;
  • Contest participation, Gala concert and Award ceremony;
  • Competition fees for one category;
  • Diplomas and special certificates;
  • Visa support is available;

Not included in the price:

  • One night in Lloret de Mar or Barcelona (please ask our managers for the price: info@fiestalonia.net).
  • Transfers from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the Port of Barcelona (please ask our managers for the price: info@fiestalonia.net).
  • Excursions.
  • HEALTH CARE INSURANCE – Mandatory insurance for the group with any insurance company or with MSC Cruises (Europe Assistance).

✅ INCREASE the number of days of your stay and we will organize for you a great excursion programme in Barcelona!

✅ BOOK your excursion programme in advance with our managers, find out the details of our excursion offer: info@fiestalonia.net

ATTENTION: For accompany persons who do not perform and do not take part in workshops – a 5% discount is given on the package price.

Important Notes

  • Group excursions must be booked in advance with the official organizer for proper coordination;
  • Self-booking of excursions with third-party companies is not allowed;
  • If you arrive in Spain earlier than the cruise start date, please ask our managers for hotel prices: info@fiestalonia.net
  • After the cruise, we can arrange an additional stay in Spain and organize an excursion programme to Barcelona, the Dali Museum, etc.


Participating in the Mediterranean Voice & Instrumental Music Games contest on the MSC World Europe cruise liner offers a unique and enriching experience for performers. Here are seven compelling reasons to be a part of this exceptional event:

  • An unprecedented festival-competition is being held on a cruise liner.
  • Official Prizes and Awards: Compete for prestigious awards and official prizes.
  • International Participation: Engage with participants from diverse countries, fostering cultural exchange and creating lasting connections with artists worldwide.
  • Expert jury evaluation and exchange of experience: receive valuable feedback and evaluations from an outstanding jury and cultural experts. Learn from the evaluations and exchange of experiences with fellow participants.
  • Explore various European destinations in one week: embark on a fascinating journey to multiple European cities, including Barcelona (Spain) – Costa Brava (Spain) – Marseille (Provence) – Genoa (Portofino) Italy – Civitavecchia (Rome) Italy – Palermo (Sicily) Italy – Valletta, Malta – Barcelona (Spain).
  • Cultural enrichment: immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of each destination, gaining insights into the history, art, and traditions of the Mediterranean region.
  • Showcase on a professional stage: have the opportunity to perform on a professional stage during the Gala concert, presenting your artistry in front of an international audience.

Participation in the “Mediterranean Voice & Instrumental Music Games competition promises a memorable and rewarding experience combining artistic excellence, cultural enrichment and an unprecedented cruise ship journey on the Mediterranean.

  • the last day of receiving of the applications is for 70 days before the beginning of the competition;
  • the last day of payment is for 60 days before the beginning of the competition;
  • terms and conditions of the agreement are to be requested from our managers.

Download the contest program in PDF format

Competition jury and master classes

The jury includes world renowned vocalists, conductors, musicians, producers, music critics from Spain, France, Italy, China, the USA and other countries. The international jury is formed by the organizer of the competition.

Bernardo Latini

Composer · Choir conductor · Educator

More Info

Bernardo Latini. A significant portion of his time is devoted to writing music, with a special focus on choral compositions, whether a cappella or combined with orchestra or ensemble.

Teaching also plays a vital role in Bernardo’s activities. He is a faculty member at the National University of La Plata (UNLP) in Argentina and regularly conducts courses and workshops in Latin America and Europe.
Bernardo pursued studies in Composition and Choral Conducting at the Faculty of Arts of UNLP. He further refined his skills in Composition under the guidance of Maestro Bernat Vivancos at the Escola Superior de Música (ESMUC) in Barcelona, Catalonia, and in Choral Conducting with Maestro Marco Berrini in Milan, Italy.
His compositions and arrangements have received 16 awards in National and International Choral Composition or Arrangement Competitions, and his works have been published by prestigious publishers in Germany, Austria, Catalonia, the United States, and Argentina.

Jordi Casas Bayer

Conductor and musician

More Info

Jordi Casas Bayer
He began his musical studies at the Escolania de Montserrat, and later continued pursuing them in Barcelona, where he also studied Law and Philosophy. He founded the Càrmina Choir and was its conductor for more than fifteen years. He also conducted, for two years, the RTVE Choir. From September of 1988 until 1998 he was the musical director and artistic director of the Orfeó Català. In September of 1990 he formed the Chamber Choir of the Palau de la Música Catalana, which he conducted until July of 2011. He has also been in charge of the Comunidad de Madrid Choir from 2000 until July of 2011. In Madrid, he also developed his work as a choir conductor with the Teatro Real Choir, which regularly collaborated with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid, between 2004 and 2008.
He has conducted and prepared around three thousand concerts, having the opportunity to collaborate with the most prestigious of conductors, with a great variety of instrumental ensembles, and, at the same time, cultivating all kinds of genres and styles.
He has taught numerous courses on choir conducting, both in Spain and abroad, and has participated as conductor in Europe’s most prestigious festivals (Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Austria) and also in Israel, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, the USA, Argentina, Brasil, China, Morrocco, and Japan. In the summer of 1997, he conducted the Europa Cantat European Youth Choir.
Recently, he has been conductor, for the second time, of the RTVE Choir from September of 2011 to August of 2013. Regarding choir, he is currently an artist in residence of the l’Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León, and he assiduously collaborates with the Scherzo Female Chamber Choir as guest conductor.

Joan Carles Capdevila

Musician · Singer · Musical arranger

More Info

Joan Carles Capdevila Torné, a graduate in Modern and Jazz Music from the Superior School of Music of Catalonia (ESMUC), is a recognized professional in the music field. His extensive experience includes roles as an arranger, composer, studio singer, and member of a cappella groups.
Joan Carles is an experienced teacher in the field of musical theater. He has recorded for renowned film companies such as Disney and Warner Bros. Furthermore, he is a regular collaborator in television programs produced by Gestmusic Endemol, including popular shows like Operación Triunfo, Vivo cantando, and Buscant La Trinca.


Xavier García Cardona

Conductor, pianist and composer graduated in orchestra conducting from Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona.

More Info

He teaches piano, music theory and harmony in Academia Barcelona Concertante and is the main conductor of Cor Tessàlia. García has conducted several choirs and orchestras and has been invited to hold seminars, presentations and workshops for choirs and for different choral meetings, festivals and symposiums, both in Spain as well as in other European countries. He was one of the founders and co-conductors of the Revoice International Vocal Ensemble, a choir of singers from more than 25 nationalities, performing in several countries and important festivals and events around Europe.
As a composer he has achieved national and international success winning different prizes, and his works are performed worldwide. He has been invited as a jury member of choral composition competitions and choir competitions.
García obtained a fellowship to participate in the “Start-Up for young conductors” program at the European Festival of Youth Choirs Basel 2016. He was also involved in the organization of the World Choral Symposium Barcelona 2017 and has been a member of the artistic committee of the Catalan Youth Choirs Association. He is currently an active member of the Spanish Association of choral conductors (AEDCORO).

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