Voices of Magic 2024: The Enchantment of Music and Choral Arts

🎶 The enchantment of Spain, Italy, France! The sounds and beauty of these lands are woven into a unique magical harmony, enveloping the heart of each of us with invisible threads of magic. 🌍

What a fabulous path opens before you! The period from April 7 to 11, 2024 promises to be a true musical feast – meet the Golden Voices of Montserrat competition, a magnificent event where voices are transformed into a true miracle. A unique opportunity for choirs to perform in the legendary Basilica of the Montserrat Monastery alongside the famous choir of the ‘pure-voiced boys’ “Escolania”. This is a time when art and beauty, sounds and emotions come together in a virtuoso choral symphony.

And then, from May 10 to 13, 2024, the World of Choirs competition invites you on an amazing journey through the facets of vocal wonders. A perfect occasion to visit Pesaro in Italy. Talents from all corners of the globe will unite in this harmony of sounds, embodying a peaceful choral manifesto that fills our hearts with incredible vibrations.

Music and the sea are two eternal sources of inspiration. And so, the period from June 27 to 30, 2024 brings with it the Musica del Mar competition – a harmony of sounds and waves, an inspiration that is born in the sea breeze. The picturesque scenery of the coastal town of Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava is the perfect culmination of the whole celebration.

Under the Spanish sun from July 7 to 11, 2024, the Golden Voices of Barcelona competition will merge into a powerful sound stream, filling the world with the magic of music. The choirs perform at the competition venues and also have the honour of showcasing their talent at Gaudi’s Sagrada Família, or at the Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi in the Gothic quarters of the old city, or at La Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia, the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona! These are not just performances, but a journey into a world of sounds that are meant to inspire and transport us into a realm of infinite harmony.

And what is the apogee awaiting all fans of choral art? Of course, the World Grand Prix for choral singing, taking place in October 25-30 2024 in sunny Lloret de Mar, as the weather is still warm enough to enjoy a holiday on the Mediterranean Sea. This competition is like an emotional ocean where art and voices come together in an inexpressible symphony, finding new facets of expression.

Then come the travelling festivals, like melodic wings that take us to the beauties of Spain, Italy and France. The Mediterranean Legends Festival and the Sing and Smile festival-tour offer you the chance to visit places that seem to have been created by nature itself for choral art! From September 17 to 23 and from November 5 to 11, 2024, the MEDITERRANEAN LEGENDS competition-tour will take place on the route Barcelona – Costa Brava (Spain) – Cannes (France) – Nice (France) – Monte Carlo (Monaco) – San Remo (Italy). And from October 20 to 25, 2024, you can head to Georgia for the Sing & Smile festival-tour.

Here, representatives of more than 25 countries unite in the harmony of love for music. An international jury will carefully evaluate every note, and masterclasses and choral training will help you unlock your potential. But the real magic happens in those moments when voices united in unison will sound not only in songs, but also in your hearts.

Like a sonic fairy tale, the 2024 Choral Festivals invite us to immerse ourselves in a world of music, passion and inspiration! In this world, every note is a magical portal to a new dimension, and every performance is a unique embodiment of soul and emotion.

Don’t miss your chance! Find out the details and give yourself an incredible experience that will stay in your heart and soul forever. 🎵

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