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Take part in the International Vocal Competitions, where you can participate whether you are a professional singer, an amateur, or a newcomer to the exciting world of vocal arts. Immerse yourself in the thrill of singing in the diverse genres and traditions that grace this global celebration of vocal performance. From classical performance to contemporary interpretations, our vocal festivals showcase the talent of soloists and vocal ensembles. Enhance your passion for the vocal arts and become part of this international phenomenon.

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Join to make yourself and your talent known to the world. Choose suitable dates from the calendar of events below.

International singing contest Voices of Costa Brava

Barcelona – Costa Brava, Spain


July 7-12 


July 13-18


July 12-17 

The Competition has a special significance in the competitive life of vocalists from different countries. Soloists, duets, trios and ensembles performing popular and author’s works are allowed to participate.
The contest is held in the summer period near Barcelona, in a resort town on the Costa Brava, famous for its beaches.

Música del Mar – contest of singing and music in Spain

Lloret de Mar, Spain


June 27 – 30


June 25–28


June 26-29

The competition performances are held in the municipal theatre and the Gala Concert and Award Ceremony – in the medieval castle of Vila Vella with breathtaking views of the Costa Brava.

Super Grand Prix – Prestigious International Talent Contest of creative amateur groups and individual performers

Lloret de Mar, Spain


October 25-30


October 22-27


October 23-28

A creative competition taking place in November could be the perfect way to summarize the year. Let your talents shine at the international amateur creative competition in Spain, on the spectacular Costa Brava!

“Super Cup” Performing Arts Competition

Lloret de Mar – Costa Brava, Spain


February 13-18 


February 12-17


February 18-23 

We invite you to take part in the most exciting and inspiring event of the year. This event brings together people of different ages and talents, creating a magical atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to shine on stage.

“Sea Sun Festival” – International Contest in Spain

Lloret de Mar, Spain


June 27 – July 02
July 07 – 12
July 28 – August 02
September 13 – 18


April 30 – May 05
June 25 – 30
July 13 – 18
August 03 – 08
September 10 – 15


May 06-11
June 26 – July 01
July 12 – 17
September 09 – 14

The International Festival-Competition in Spain is a dynamic competition that fully lives up to its name. Contestants from various genres converge on the warm coast of the Mediterranean sea, basking under the hot Spanish sun, and reveling in the beautiful, joyous atmosphere of the contest in Spain.

“Sun of Italy” – International festival-contest of various genres

Rimini, Italy


May 10 – 13
June 21 – 24
July 21 – 24
September 01 – 04


April 25 – 28
July 03 – 06
September 04 – 07


April 29 May – 02
July 05 – 08
September 04 – 07

The International festival-contest is designed to help participants discover their true artistic selves while enjoying an unforgettable vacation in the sun-kissed country of Italy.

“Mediterranean Voice & Instrumental music Games” – International competition on the MSC World Europe cruiser

Barcelona (Spain) – Marseille (France) – Genoa (Italy) – Rome (Italy) – Palermo (Italy) – Malta – Barcelona (Spain)


November 21-29 

For those enchanted by the harmonies of melody and captivated by the power of musical expression, we extend a warm invitation to the inaugural edition of the “Mediterranean Voice & Instrumental Music Games”.

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