Why the International Dance Games? We have the answer!

We know with absolute certainty the international festival-contest International Dance Games has made a real revolution in the world of choreography, changing all our usual ideas about choreographic competitions.
The main goal, set by the organiser of this international event as International Dance Games, was to discredit the stereotypes that have the dance competitions.

International Dance Games was created with a clear understanding of the goals which it has to achieve. From the very first steps it proposed to the young dancers an excellent combination of dance competitions, educational programs, motivational seminars, educational and excursion programs, friendly atmosphere of the participants from many countries, and an excellent price-quality relation. Thanks to the continuous searches for new ideas and the improvement of the festival program, the international contest International Dance Games has quickly reached worldwide popularity among the choreographers.

It is quite natural that more and more people are tempted to take part in the International Dance Games, which is held once a year, you must agree that every person who loves dancing wants to get experience, to show his ideas, feel the best and original on the stage of the prestigious international competition on Choreography!

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