Global Project Olympiad (GPO)

Global Project Olympiad (GPO)

📌 Country: Spain.

📌 To participate in the first round, send your application by 25h of
April 2024 – online participation

The results will be announced on 25th of June 2024.

📌 The second round will take place between 19 – 25 September
2024 – Spain (Barcelona – Costa Brava)

Only for those who have achieved the required number of points in
the first round


GPO International Olympiad consists of two rounds:

  1. Qualifying – conducted online;
  2. Trip to the International Olympiad in Spain

Participants are allowed to participate in the second round if their
competition work has scored at least 7 points out of 10 possible.

If you qualify for the second round,
The GPO Olympic Committee will send you an official invitation to participate in the Olympics in Spain.

Participants of the second round in Spain, defend their work-projects previously submitted during the online selection, in the classroom before a panel of professors from prestigious educational institutions and universities in Europe, such as Montessori, Sorbona, ESADE and Universitat Pompeu Fabra, among others.

In turn, the participant of the Olympiad must be accompanied by at least one leader, with whom they will be defined together as an “Olympic team”.

The GPO also welcomes the support group (relatives, etc.) of the participant.


Project works can be submitted to the Olympiad in the following sections:

1 section – mathematics, computer science;
2 section – physics, technology;
3 section – medicine;
4 section – psychology;
5 section – history, local history, ethno-cultural studies;
6 section – chemistry;
7 section – biology;
8 section – ecology, valeology;
9 section – robotics;
10 section – art history;
11 section – tourism industry;
12 section – hotel business;
13 section – finance.


Each participant of the Olympiad, competes within his/her own age category.

  • High school students of general education schools;
  • Students of academic lyceums and colleges;
  • Students/masters of higher education institutions.

The official languages of the GPO are English, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, French, Romanian and Russian.

How is the topic of the project work chosen in the section and how is the work drawn up?

You can choose a random topic to work on

  1. Example: for participation you have chosen the section “Biology” ➡️ then the topic “Reproduction of gymnosperms plants using pine and spruce as examples” ➡️ on the selected topic, prepare a presentation in PowerPoint or video, using public data in scientific literature and the Internet.
  2. Example: You have chosen to participate in the section “Art History” ➡️ then the topic “Pop Vocal and my creative path” (Hint: How I discovered the world of vocal art and what problems I faced. The first problem – weak musical hearing; The second problem – I sing quietly, and if I start to sing louder, there is a spasm in the throat; The third problem – there was not enough breath on the phrase. The fourth problem – I was afraid to go on stage. Our joint work with the teacher to eliminate these and other problems that were identified in the course of training. Methods, techniques, searches, solutions, advice to other beginning vocalists. My achievements and successes) ➡️ on the chosen topic, prepare a PowerPoint presentation or video.
  3. Example: For participation you have chosen the section “Biology” ➡️ then the topic “Investigation of germination and growth of maize” ➡️ you grow maize yourself, film each stage of growth and prepare a presentation in PowerPoint or video based on your own observations.
  4. Example: for participation you have chosen the section “Tourism industry” ➡️ then the topic “Problems of seasonality in tourism and ways to overcome them” ➡️ on the selected topic, ➡️ you prepare a presentation in PowerPoint or video, using publicly available data in scientific literature and the Internet.
The requirements for the design of the competition works in the first round

Project works should be presented as a Power Point presentation with an aspect ratio of 1920:1080 (16:9) not more than 30 pages, or a video with an aspect ratio of 1920:1080 (16:9).

Project work should consist of:

1. A cover page, which must include:

  • the full name of the educational organization where the work is done;
  • the theme of the work;
  • section;
  • performer (surname, first name);
  • head of the work (full name, academic degree, position, place of work);
  • year of the project work.

2. Presentation of the topic:

  • summary (abstract) – summarize the main points of the work;
  • introduction – to indicate the relevance of the work and justify the choice of the topic, its goals and objectives, the place of work
  • the main part: visual materials, schemes, drawings or models, research methods, results of the work.

3. Final part:

  • conclusion (conclusions, recommendations);
  • list of used literature.

Awards in the First Round

All participants of the first round, regardless of the result, receive an international diploma of the participant, and his/her supervisor (leader) receives an international certificate. Diplomas and certificates are sent in PDF format to the e-mail address you provided when registering your application.

You can receive the originals for a surcharge. For information, please contact us at

Awards in the Second Round

Participants of the second round are invited to the competition in Spain, and depending on the results obtained, receive:

1st place – Gold Medal of the International Olympiad
2nd place – Silver medalist of the International Olympiad
3rd place – Bronze medalist of the International Olympiad

  • Diplomas of international sample with points.
  • Invitation to study from European Universities is possible.

Leaders/ supervisors of the participants who took part in the second round receive:

  • European Diploma;
  • European certificate;
  • A letter of thanks on the numbered official Stamp Paper of the Kingdom of Spain.
How to participate?

If you score at least 7 points out of 10 possible. The organizer invites you to the final events that will take place from 19 to 25 September 2024 in Lloret de Mar (70 km from Barcelona)

The organizer will send you all the necessary documentation for visa processing, as well as official applications to sponsors, if you request.

Cost and conditions of accommodation

Activities package + 3*** hotel on full board basis (6 days / 5 nights)

Triple accommodation 380 euros – additional night 49 euros
Double accommodation 403 euros – additional night 59 euros
Single accommodation 473 euros – additional night 69 euros

What’s included in the price

  • Accommodation in a 3*** hotel (6 days / 5 nights)
  • Full board (buffet: breakfast, lunch, dinner + drinks);
  • Participation in the contest with jury evaluation;
  • Master classes and workshops;
  • Ceremonial award ceremony;
  • Diplomas registered in the Spanish representation;
  • Olympic medals for each participant;
  • Special engravings on a metal base from the city authorities;
  • Letters of gratitude for team leaders and sponsors on a numbered State Stamp Paper of the Kingdom of Spain (2 letters included).

    Olympic training camp; ATTENTION: We can offer transfers from airports and railway stations and back. Please check the price of transfers with our managers:

Right now on our website

To Olympiad
In section:

Cost and payment

The cost of participation in the first round, which is held online, is 130 euros.
Payment is made by bank card regardless of the currency of your country.
The currency of your country is automatically converted into euros. It is also possible to pay by PayPal.
You can submit several projects works in the same or different sections.
From one to five people + supervisor can participate in each project.
Each project work must be submitted and paid for with a separate application form.

Acceptance of applications ends in


Application form for participation in the first round

Payment is made by bank card regardless of your currency. Your currency is automatically converted to Euro.

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Price: 130€
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