Report of Beauty of Costa Brava (May, 2023)

Step into a world where creativity meets the captivating beauty of the Costa Brava. The canvas of this remarkable coastline becomes the backdrop for The International Festival of Fine Arts and Photography “BEAUTY OF THE COSTA BRAVA” (April 30 – May 5, 2023).

Amidst the fervor of the competition, participants were granted a truly enchanting experience – an exclusive masterclass set against the backdrop of Clotilde’s wondrous gardens. Guided by seasoned artists, attendees delved into techniques, exchanged insights, and witnessed their visions coming to life amidst the natural beauty that surrounded them.

The masterclass in Clotilde’s gardens and the plein air painting session formed an integral part of the competition, offering participants not just an opportunity to create, but to forge a profound connection between their art and the captivating surroundings. The canvases painted during this experience captured not only strokes of pigment but the very essence of the moment – a harmonious blend of creativity and nature’s splendor.

Results of Beauty of Costa Brava (May, 2023)

Nomination «Art»

100 points
Jurakulov Mukhammadakbar, Samarkand, Uzbekistan/art
Elvina Darya, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan/art
Sadullayeva Rushana Jamol kizi, Samarkand, Uzbekistan/art
Giyasov Rakhmatillohon, Samarkand, Uzbekistan/art
Sayfilloyev Abubakr, Samarkand, Uzbekistan/art
Turebekova Balsheker, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan/art
Kim Yana, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan/art

Golden diploma
from 90 to 99 points
Omirbek Amira, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan/art
Tleubayev Nagyzhan, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan/art
Alieva Anisa, Samarkand, Uzbekistan/art
Nam Margarita, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan/art

Silver diploma
from 80 to 89 points
Sharipbek Darina, Karaganda, Kazakhstan/artBronze diploma
from 70 to 79 points

Check out the photo report on the art contest.


Join an unforgettable event to announce your talent to the world. You can see all information and conditions of participation in this contest by clicking on the link: The International Festival of Fine Arts and Photography “BEAUTY OF THE COSTA BRAVA”.

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