Choir festival Golden voices of Montserrat News of the fifth television channel (Kazakhstan)

Dear music creators and enthusiasts of choral art,

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the prestigious International Choir Competition “Golden Voices of Montserrat.” This is a unique event that provides you with the opportunity to showcase your talent and passion for music on the global stage.

What you will find at “Golden Voices of Montserrat”:

🎶 Competition among talented choirs and vocalists from around the world.

🏆 The chance to receive recognition and awards from an experienced jury.

🌟 A unique atmosphere of musical inspiration and the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.

🏰 The location, Montserrat, renowned for its cultural and historical significance.

We invite choirs, vocalists, and musical groups from different countries to come together in this musical celebration. Regardless of your level and style, you have the chance to excel and share your music with an audience.

Join us at “Golden Voices of Montserrat” and let your art shine on this global stage. Registration is open, and we look forward to welcoming you.

Prepare for a great musical adventure and get ready to be filled with positive emotions!

Fiestalonia be together!

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