Report of International Dance Games (June 2017, Spain)

In 2017, at the choreographic contest International Dance Games we had a real salute of talented participants! But despite this, the team from Russia “Nastroeniye” became the winner.

The countries wich participated:

Estonia, Russia, Lithuatia, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Azerbaijan.

Results of International Dance Games 2017, Spain

GRAND PRIX (Platinum diploma) go to Russia, Almetyevsk with choreographic group “Nastroeniye” in nomination  “variety dance”.

  • “Nastroeniye” /variety dance
100 points
  • Kuznetsova Anna/liric dance
  • Galateya dance theater/modern dance/ age category I
  • Varvara Vlasova/modern dance
  • GROUP “SKY&MORE”/contemporary dance
  • Mikheeva Daria/variety dance with acrobatic elements
  • Korostova Albina/jazz dance
  • Mikheeva Daria/modern dance
  • “Nastroeniye”/folk stylized dance
Golden diploma
from 90 to 99 points
  • Duet Bystritskaya Margarita, Kuznetsova Anna/variety dance
  • Duet Korneeva Lada, Pavlovskaya Daria/ variety dance with acrobatic elements
  • Gorbachenko Eva/variety dance
  • Primak Natalia/variety dance
  • Popkova Natalia/ variety dance with acrobatic elements
  • Korneeva Lada/variety dance
  • Pavlovskaya Daria/modern dance
  • Bystritskaya Margarita/variety dance
  • Kozlova Aleksandra/classical dance
  • Khluchina Elizaveta/classical dance
  • Revival Dance/folk dance
  • DANCE GROUP “SMILELES”/contemporary dance
  • Danceclub KOIT/folk dance
  • Danceclub KOIT/variety dance
  • Duo “SKY&MORE”/contemporary dance
  • Duet Korostova Albina, Zaikina Victoria/liric dance
  • Krasilovskaya Maria/modern dance
  • Theatre and choreography school Inside/modern dance
  • Theatre and choreography school Inside/folk stylized dance
  • Theatre and choreography school Inside/variety dance/age category mixed 5-16
  • Khluchina Elizaveta/folk dance
Silver diploma
from 80 to 89 points
  • Kuzmina Elizaveta/folk dance
  • Krasilovskaya Maria/classical dance
  • Ivanova Sofiia/oriental dance
  • Duo “SKY&MORE”/contemporary dance
  • Kozlova Aleksandra/modern dance
  • Khluchina Elizaveta/modern dance
  • Theatre and choreography school Inside/variety dance/age category mixed 7-14
  • Kozlova Aleksandra/folk stylized dance
  • Krasilovskaya Maria/folk dance
Bronze diploma
from 70 to 79 points
  • Georgian childrens ensemble of folk dance “Alaverdi”/folk dance
Copper diploma
till 70 points