Fiestalonia: Opening our arms to everyone – including people with disabilities

Dear friends!

We would like to share some important information! The embrace of Fiestalonia is open to everyone, including people with disabilities. Our projects have great social significance and can change the lives of people who often go unnoticed in our society.

Fiestalonia’s initiative festivals-competitions not only attract talented artists, but also create a powerful platform for social inclusion and sharing experiences.

Events like these are happy to be covered in the press. Watch this video of the Catalan TV channel’s coverage of the event. The emotional content and energy, the inspiration and strength of spirit, are stronger than any limitations.

Watch the disabled participants take to the stage, full of determination and passion, and receive applause and support from an enthusiastic audience. In this moment it becomes clear that everyone, regardless of their physical or mental abilities, has a right to their success.

The Fiestalonia principle

We not only bring joy and happiness to people, but also help break down social stigmas and prejudices. We break down outdated standards and set an example to everyone that the world is a more colourful and harmonious place when we recognise and accept each person for who they are.

Friends, open up new horizons for your creativity and join our competitions. This is a unique opportunity to show the world that regardless of our situation, we can achieve great things and surpass ourselves.

Fiestalonia not only promotes self-expression and self-actualisation for participants, but also teaches the value of diversity and difference. It is important to realise that our festivals-competitions not only bring joy and entertainment, but also promote social inclusion and strengthen social ties. They create a platform where people with disabilities can find support, understanding and friendship. We create a world where there is no room for prejudice and discrimination.

So, friends, we invite you to open your heart and join our projects. Fiestalonia is the bridge that connects different areas of society, bringing everyone together with shared values and goals, overcoming differences and stereotypes. Together we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential, regardless of their physical or mental abilities.

Take a look at our events calendar, choose a competition, fill in the entry form and reserve your place.

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