Report of Open Spain (February, 2016 Spain)

Only once a year, the international contest «OPEN SPAIN» opens its doors, providing an opportunity for all instrumental performers to perform in front of a European audience, to acquire new skills, to have bright impressions and to share experiences with the other participants from different countries of the world. With different activities, the competitive days passed very quickly. Rehearsals, agitation before the contest, preparation for the gala concert, again emotions, in anticipation of the results will be announced at the gala awards ceremony. And there’s more!

Our special guest was Peter Bénce (Hungary / USA), a man who sat down at the piano at the age of 3 years old, at 7 years he wrote the first song, at 13 years released his first album, «Green Music». The masterful

pianist, composer, songwriter, Guiness World Record holder, arranger, producer, winner of some of the most competitions around the world. Peter shared with the participants his experiences, talked about how you can succeed, gave his recommendations and inspiration to the participants to go on and develop new creative achievements.



Results of Open Spain 2016

  • Sultanova Aliia/tuba
  • Aleksandra Kruglova/piano
Copper diploma
up to 70 points
  • Arzamaskin Matvei/guitar
  • Luis Relucio Galdeano/piano
  • Maia Lomidze/violin
  • Ana Kalandadze/piano
  • Mariami Tcheishvili/piano
  • Kupreeva Veronika/piano
  • Nino Bziava/piano
  • Zumrud Alizada/piano
  • Saz-e-No/folklore instruments (fusion)
Bronze diploma
from 70 to 79 points
  • Nini Giorgadze/violin
  • Ema Matsuura/piano
  • Mariam Usanetashvili/piano
  • Miasin Maksim/piano
  • Lika Tsaava/piano
  • Roksana Babaian & Miasin Maksim/piano
  • Tasnif-e-Eshq from Saz-e-No/folklore instruments
Silver diploma
from 80 to 89 points
  • Anna Chapidze/piano
  • A Duet Improvisation from Saz-e-No/folklore instruments
  • Katarina Gegelia/violin
  • Arzamaskin Egor/piano
  • Salome Giorgadze/piano
  • Mariami Chakhvadze/piano
  • Ayla Hasanova/piano
  • Roksana Babaian/piano
  • Natavan Dinikayeva/piano
Golden diploma
from 90 to 99 points


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