Inspiration at the “SUN of Italy” festival: Music, Dance, and Cultural Enrichment (September, 2023)

The competition day at the Theatre Nuovo San Marino, located in the Republic of San Marino, was a fantastic experience for all participants. After the competition, we had the unique opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings of San Marino and immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of this amazing little country.

This year (03 – 06 of September, 2023) our competition welcomed talented participants from Georgia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Romania, making our event truly international. The magnificent gala concert and award ceremony took place at the Piazzale della Libertà in Pesaro and attracted a huge number of spectators from different parts of the world.

An important part of our competition was the exhibition of participating artists who presented their works in fine art, as well as masterclasses that allowed participants to share their experience and knowledge.

One of the highlights of the event was the meeting of different cultures on one stage, which made our competition truly unique. At the gala concert we saw amazing performances of skillful musicians, singers and dancers, which did not leave any member of the jury indifferent.

Finally, the magnificent Grand Prix of the competition went to Gita Swara Nassa Angklung, Nassa School from Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. Their amazing combination of playing national instruments, singing and dancing amazed and inspired all of us. A huge thank you to the talented conductor and director, Mohammad Charles.

We are proud of the success of all participants and hope that future events will bring even more inspiration and creativity. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Sun of Italy!

Gita Swara Nassa Angklung, Nassa School from Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia

Results of Sun of Italy (September, 2023)

Nominations «Pop singing», «Folk singing», «Academic singing», «Folk dance», «Contemporary dance», «Folk orchestra Ensembles».

Gita Swara Nassa Angklung – Nassa School Indonesia, West Java – Indonesia/Folk Orchestra Ensembles
100 points

Abduvaliev Jakhongir, Republic of Uzbekistan/Pop singing
Children’s Choreography Ansamble Erketay, Kazakhstan/Folk dance
Ensemble “AISI”, Georgia/Folk dance
DUO RAZMADZE ANA and KOKHREIDZE NIKOLOZ (Ensemble “AISI”), Georgia/Folk dance

Golden diploma
from 90 to 99 points

Team “Art of Grace”, Latvia/Contemporary dance
Abduvaliev Jakhongir, Republic of Uzbekistan/Pop singing
Mukhammadiyorova Nozima, Republic of Uzbekistan/Pop singing
Iris Toth, Romania/Pop singing
Tuychiev Kamoliddin, Republic of Uzbekistan/Pop singing
Anatolii Khandeldy, Ukraine/Folk singing

Silver diploma
from 80 to 89 points
Anatolii Khandeldy, Ukraine/Folk singing
Bronze diploma
from 70 to 79 points

GRAND PRIX (Platinum diploma) go to Indonesia with Gita Swara Nassa Angklung – Nassa School Indonesia in nomination  “Folk Orchestra Ensembles“.

Join an unforgettable event to announce your talent to the world. You can see all information and conditions of participation in this contest by clicking on the link: International Contest “Sun of Italy”.

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