Report of Sun of Italy and International Dance Games (June 2018, Italy)

The international choreographic contest International Dance Games was held for the first time in Pesaro, in the Italian city with a rich musical history  from 17 to 20 June, 2018. Previously, it took place in Spain, and this year Fiestalonia have decided to bring together young talented dancers from different continents on the Italian stage.

International Dance Games was created to promote the development of choreographic art and the exchange of experience between dance groups in a friendly atmosphere.

The program of the competition consisted of the contest, which resulted in the selection of the brightest performances for the gala concert, which took place in the Pesaro town square next to the Adriatic coast.

After a long preparation and numerous rehearsals, our contestants were able to demonstrate their dance skills to the judging panel on the stage of the old Loreto cinema. The incomparable Laura Mungherli was the head of the jury, and at the end of the contest she charged the participants with her colossal energy and prepared with them the final dance in the style of Hip-Hop.

Every year International Dance Games opens new talents to the world, and also warmly welcomes the participants of last year’s competitions and festivals. First of all the competitions of Fiestalonia create the international friendship, which lasts many, many years.

We were very glad to see again the fascinating dances of Daria Shilina from Unique Dance Studio, who earlier participated in Dancing Catalonia 2017.

Joy, glee, smiles on the faces of participants, their bright performances and gorgeous costumes made this gala concert unforgettable.

Young dancers from the Music and Dance Academy Issakadze-Sauer-Lukashevich conquered the hearts of the audience with their fabulous performances: Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Chippolino and a nice Bunnies’ dance. Bright Sofia Eliseeva from Perm performed with the dance “I love football” in support of the World Cup. The incendiary Latin dances of the Turkish band SAC LATIN DANCE SHOW TEAM, the incredibly dynamic Hip-hop dance of Jesson Fabre from the Republic of Mauritius and the elegant ballroom dances of the ensemble «Sozvezdie» from Kazakhstan gave the local people magnificent moments of dance beauty.

 The event evoked an enthusiastic encore of the viewers and wrecked tumultuous applause! All participants were awarded diplomas and certificates providing discounts for further participation in the competitions and festivals of Fiestalonia.   




Results of Sun of Italy и International Dance Games (June 2018, Italy)

  • Anna Zenkova/Piano
  • Daria Shilina/Classical Dance
  • Daria Shilina/Modern Dance
  • Music & Dance Academy Issakadze-Sauer-Lukashevich/Classical Ballet
  • Jesson Fabre/Sport dance and Sega and Contemporary Dance
  • Ensemble of Ballroom Dance «Sozvezdie»/Ballroom Dance
  • Music & Dance Academy Issakadze-Sauer-Lukashevich/Classical Children Ballet
Golden diploma
from 90 to 99 points
  • Sophie Hummel/Classical Children Ballet
  • Melanie Dobusch/Classical Children Ballet
  • Eliseeva Sofia/Sport Dance
  • Alise Samohvala/Classical Children Ballet
  • Ensemble of Ballroom Dance «Sozvezdie»/Latin mix
  • Music & Dance Academy Issakadze-Sauer-Lukashevich/Modern Dance
  • Ensemble of Ballroom Dance «Sozvezdie»/Latin dance
  • Music & Dance Academy Issakadze-Sauer-Lukashevich/Bunnys dance
Silver diploma
from 80 to 89 points
  • Duet Mukhambet Shakhnazar and Mukhambet Zere/Ballroom Dance
  • Ayşe Ece Kültür/Social Dance
  • Ensemble of Ballroom dance «Sozvezdie»/Ballroom Dance
  • Sac Latin Dance Show Team/Social Dance
Bronze Diploma
from 70 to 79 points


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