Report of Golden Voices of Montserrat (March 2017, Spain)

A wonderful festival of choral singing and culture was held in March 2017. The International Choir Competition Golden Voices of Montserrat was attended by creative teams from 21 different countries! During the festival week, the competition viewing and the awarding, there was an atmosphere of support between different cultures, countries, nationalities, regardless of origin. This event became a real festival of culture and international unity, which marked the equality of all participants and a common interest in art. Despite the very high level of the all contestants, the obvious winner was the choir from Japan, which surprised all spectators, jury members and other contestants.



Results of Golden Voices of Montserrat 2017

GRAND PRIX (Platinum diploma) go to Saitama, Japan with KIRARA mixed choir in nomination  “Folk singing”.

  • KIRARA Mixed Choir/folk singing
100 points 
  • Municipal Children’s and Youth Spiritual Choir “Sofia”/church singing
  • ACS Jakarta Youth Choir/pop jazz
  • Temasek Polytechnic Chorale/academic singing
  • KIRARA Mixed Choir/academic singing
  • KIRARA Mixed Choir/church singing
  • Male Chamber Choir Permoník/academic singing
  • Mixed Choir Permoník/church singing
  • Youth Choir Permoník/academic singing
  • Youth Choir Permoník/folk singing
Golden diplom
from 90 to 99 points 
  • Fakhry Adly Mundzir/academic singing
  • Vocal Trio Permoník/academic singing
  • Children’s Choir Of Kekava Music School/children’s choirs
  • Choral Group “Contrast”/academic singing
  • Choir “Сamertone”/academic singing
  • Suurupi Femail choir Meretule/academic singing
  • Temasek Polytechnic Chorale/folk singing
  • ACS Jakarta Youth Choir/academic singing
  • ACS Jakarta Youth Choir/ folk singing
Silver diploma
from 80 to 89 points
  • Sunset Aley/pop singing
  • Thea Michaela/academic singing
  • Children’s choir “Semitsvetik”/children’s choirs
Bronze diploma
from 70 to 79 points


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