Report of Dancing Catalonia (March 2017, Spain)

This competition will be remembered by all participants for many years, thanks to the work of an incredible man, one of the best dancers in Hip-Hop style in Spain, Kanga Valls. Despite the difficult schedule and the need to fly twice to Madrid for the grand-final of the show España Got Talent in one week, he was with our participants and made a very good impression. In addition to being a member of the jury, Kanga prepared a common dance for all participants of the contest, which they performed in a flash mob, and also performed at the Gala concert. We hope that in the future we will work with this sympathetic and positive person, who with great pleasure shares with all his knowledge and love of dancing.

The countries wich participated:

Indonesia, Latvia, Singapore, Japan, United States of America, Estonia, Czech Republic, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Greece, Germany, Spain, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates and Costa Rica.



Results of Dancing Catalonia 2017

  • Daria Shilina/classical dance
  • Lavinia D’errico Rodríguez/contemporary dance
  • Rosmala Sari Dewi/folk dance
  • Group Múdate of the EMM Candidito from Teror/contemporary dance
Golden diploma
from 90 to 99 points
  • Agata Muhina/pop dance
  • Claudia Arencivia Martin/acrodance
  • Varvara Vlasova from Theatre and choreography school Inside/modern dance
  • Ana Marrero Betancor/classical dance
  • Daria Shilina/contemporary dance
  • Sukhneva Maria/folk dance
  • Duet from ACEDANCE/acrodance
  • Duet from ACEDANCE/modern dance
  • Duet Anastasija Kuznecova & Anastasija Kurcadze/children’s dance
  • Trio from ACEDANCE/modern dance
  • Group Múdate of the EMM Candidito from Teror/neoclassic
  • ACEDANCE/show-group
  • DK Dance Theatre/modern dance
  • Unique Dance Studio/folk dance
  • ACEDANCE/lirycal dance with acrobatic elements
Silver diploma
from 80 to 89 points
  • Amelija Aronovich/pop dance
  • Liana Vorobjova/folk stylized dance
  • Liana Vorobjova/show dance
  • Natalie Melikyan/folk dance
  • Anastasiyia Sytnik/clasical dance
  • Anastasija Kuznecova/children’s dance
  • Anastasija Kurcadze/folk stylized dance
  • Nahia Alamo Vega/musical theater
  • Agata Muhina/folk stylized dance
  • Daniela Gorbasheva/social dance
  • Malva Tkach/contemporary dance
  • Malva Tkach/classical dance
  • Unique Dance Studio/clasical dance
  • DK Dance Theatre/show dance
Bronze diploma
from 70 to 79 points
  • Amelija Aronovich/modern dance
  • Yuliana Alvares Montoya/jazz dance
  • Giulianna Brenes Saborío & Marco Vinicio Brenes Morales/social dance
Copper diploma
till 70 points


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