Report of Black Sea Fest (May, 2023)

We are delighted to share the highlights of the highly successful culmination of the International Contest “Black Sea Fest” (27 – 30 of May, 2023), which took place amidst the stunning landscapes of Batumi, Georgia. This remarkable festival was a true celebration of art, culture, and creativity, bringing together talented individuals from around the world.

As one of the most prestigious events in Europe, the International Contest in Georgia “Black Sea Fest” successfully brought together talented performers from diverse corners of the world, creating an electrifying atmosphere filled with dedication and passion. Now that the festival is behind us, we reflect on the profound emotions that swept through the participants, leaving them invigorated by their achievements and fully immersed in the extraordinary spirit of this remarkable gathering.

Report of Black Sea Fest

Throughout this unforgettable journey, the captivating arts of dance, vocal performance, and instrumental music took center stage, igniting a wave of creativity and the realization of dreams. The International Contest “Black Sea Fest” not only celebrated the rich tapestry of cultures but also served as a platform for artists to shine and share their talents with the world.

Results of Black Sea Fest (May, 2023)

Nominations «Pop singing», «Pop Lyrics», «Rap vocal», «Jazz vocal», «Folk vocal», «Rock vocal» and «Piano», «Hip-hop», «Dance», «Folk dance», «Art»

Aylin Alieva, Uzbekistan, /Blues Vocal

100 points
Gulzada Duysenova, Kazakhstan /Academic singing
Alisa Nam, Uzbekistan /Pop singing
Alisa Nam, Uzbekistan /Blues vocal
Aziza Umarova, Uzbekistan, /Pop Lyrics
Aziza Umarova, Uzbekistan /Pop singing
Artur Filippov, Uzbekistan /Pop singing
Artur Filippov, Uzbekistan /Rock vocal
Afina Sultanova, Uzbekistan /Folk vocal
Avliyokulova Safina, Uzbekistan /Pop singing
Daniel Fedorov, Uzbekistan /Rock vocal
Byvalina Violetta, Kazakhstan /Pop singing
Byvalina Violetta, Kazakhstan /Rock vocal
Aylin Alieva, Uzbekistan /Jazz Vocal
Aleksandr Bukhteev, Uzbekistan /Rap vocal
Aleksandr Bukhteev, Daria Davidenko, Uzbekistan /Pop singing

Dance studio Serpantinki, Uzbekistan /Dance
Aladdin kids, Uzbekistan /Dance
Abduvalieva Yasmina, Uzbekistan /Dance
Dance studio Serpantinki, Kazakhstan /Dance
Mirzaeva Shirin, Uzbekistan /Pop singing

Bakhetbek Yana, Kazakhstan /Art
Kudaibergen Engilik, Kazakhstan /Art

Golden diploma
from 90 to 99 points
KARAMATOVA DIYORA, Uzbekistan /Piano Jazz
GOLOVANOVA ANISA, Uzbekistan /Piano
Gulzada Duysenova, Kazakhstan /Pop singing
Sarvinoz Rakhmatullaeva, Uzbekistan /Rock vocal
Afina Sultanova, Uzbekistan /Pop singing
Milana Juravyova, Uzbekistan /Pop singing
Milana Juravyova, Uzbekistan /Rock vocal
Karolina Shumeyko, Uzbekistan /Pop singing
Karolina Shumeyko, Uzbekistan /Rock vocal
Oliya Salimdjanova, Uzbekistan /Pop singing
Oliya Salimdjanova, Uzbekistan /Jazz Vocal
Daniel Fedorov, Uzbekistan /Pop singing
Arina Nazarova, Uzbekistan /Pop singing
Arina Nazarova, Uzbekistan /Electropop Vocal
Daria Davidenko, Uzbekistan /Pop singing
Daria Davidenko, Uzbekistan /Blues vocal
Riana Khasanova, Uzbekistan /Cuba bolero
Riana Khasanova, Uzbekistan /Chanson vocal
Aleksandr Bukhteev, Uzbekistan /Jazz Vocal


Basapa Kamila, Kazakhstan /Art
Yessenbayeva Malika, Kazakhstan /Art

Silver diploma
from 80 to 89 points
Yessenbayeva Malika, Kazakhstan, /Pop singing
Sarvinoz Rakhmatullaeva, Uzbekistan, /Pop singing
Bronze diploma
from 70 to 79 points

GRAND PRIX (Platinum diploma) go to Turkey with ASSORTI DANCE THEATRE in nomination  “Hip-hop” and to Uzbekistan with Aylin Alieva in nomination “Blues Vocal”.


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