Report of Música del Mar (June 2016, Spain)

International instrumental and vocal contest Música del Mar was held in the central church of Lloret de Mar, Sant Roma, with the support of the Mayor. The Gala-concert was the highlight of the competition and was held in the ancient fortress of the 12th century Villa Vella. Finalist of Música del Mar from Bulgaria Tereza Todorova won the hearts of the audience and the jury and deservedly received the highest award – the Grand Prix of the festival. Moreover, in the all history of Fiestalonia, it’s the first time when a participant received two top awards in different categories! Tereza Todorova won the Grand Prix in the nomination of academic vocal and piano!



Results of Música del Mar 2016

GRAND PRIX (Platinum diploma) go to Ruse, Bulgaria with Tereza Todorova in two nominations  “Academic vocal” and “Piano”.

  • Tereza Todorova/academic vocal
  • Tereza Todorova/piano
Platinum diploma
100 points
  • Nahanau Aliaksandr/folk instruments
  • Binger Iosif–Denie/violin
  • Rinat Ismagilov/piano
  • Dmitrii Egorov/piano
  • Jasmin Ibragimova/piano
Golden diploma
from 90 to 99 points
  • Bogacheva Polina/piano
  • Khrypko Yelyzaveta/piano
  • Fedor Simonov/piano
  • Artem Khakimov/piano
  • Munisa Ibragimova/piano
  • Dmitrii Egorov y Rinat Ismagilov/piano
  • Bogacheva Valeria/academic vocal
  • Marianna Avanesyan/góspel
  • Sinho Kim/academic vocal
Silver diploma
from 80 to 89 points


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