Report of Músic of the sea (June, 2014 Spain)

Festival of the classic music and song in Catalonia “MÚSICA DEL MAR” is considered as one of the brightest annual events on the seashore Costa Brava. Performance in the city Church of St. Roman (Iglecia St. Roma), who is the patron of all the singers and musicians of Catalonia, is an opportunity not only to demonstrate talents in front of the qualified jury, but to make the hearts of the parishioners to be filled with every note of the classic performances. Gala Concert is an event that is visited by a huge number of citizens of the city Tossa de Mar. The stage that is located in the dilapidated basilica of the XII century of the fortress Villa Vella brings us to the time of the creation of the pieces of music that are now considered as classic around the world and both sea breeze and sound of the sea are accompaniments to every musical instrument.


  • Montserrat Marti





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