Report of Dancing Catalonia (March, 2016 Spain)

International competition «DANCING CATALONIA» once again became the brightest event of March in the town of Lloret de Mar! For the third consecutive year, one of the activities of the choreographic competition – a flashmob, attracted and fascinated a large number of guests and residents. It was carried out directly in the heart of the city, near the Town Hall, a few meters from one of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava.
Preparing for the flashmob started a long time ago. The development of the idea, the choice of music and the choreography was by Roberto Lori, who came from an Italian town – Ancona, especially for flash mob performances, as well as to conduct master classes and work in the jury. He brought a special atmosphere and a unique style to us. He left a very special memories and an Italian flavor in the hearts of all of the participants of «DANCING CATALONIA».
The most spectacular point of the festival-competition was the gala concert which was held in the concert hall «Auditorio» of Gran Casino Costa Brava. Here, once again, the audience was impressed by the scale of the festival competition, and the Fiestalonia team proudly announced that it was the best gala concert ever organized by the organizing committee.
The culmination of this unforgettable day ended with a disco, organized specifically for participants of the festival. It was after midnight when the music stopped, but all continued relentlessly to dance, already under their own improvised accompaniment, celebrating victory! Victory of the creativity, love of art, positive and good initiative!



Results of Dancing Catalonia 2016

GRAND PRIX (Platinum diploma) go to Bekasi, Indonesia with Danadyaksa Budaya Folk Group in nomination  “Folk Dance”.

  • The British University In Egypt Folkloric Group/folk dance
  • Leidy Yuliana Alvarez Montoya/show-group
  • Benedicte Maehle Berglund/ show-group
  • Dance-studio «Fresh»/modern dance/ age caterory mixed 8-16
  • Dance-studio «Fresh»/variety dance/ age caterory 13-15
  • Grupo de baile de Casa Cullar/folk dance
Bronze diploma
from 70 to 79 points
  • Cristina Dehtyarova from Dance academy “Alira”/neoclassic
  • Varvara Vlasova/folk dance
  • Gulnara Davydova/folk dance
  • Duet from Acedance/show-group
  • Dance-studio «Fresh»/variety dance/ age caterory mixed 8-16
  • Dance academy “Alira”/classical dance
Silver diploma
from 80 to 89 points
  • Daler Shavkatov/street dance
  • Cesar Ulises Larrea Rodriguez/social dance
  • Vizavi Dance School/hip hop
  • Vizavi Dance School/variety dance
Golden diploma
from 90 to 99 points 
  • Danadyaksa Budaya – Labschool Cibubur Junior High School/folk dance
Gran prix
100 points


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