Flamenco immersion workshop

Are you a talented dancer and are looking for a chance to explore your potential in our Flamenco Festival-Contest? We are delighted to bring you some great news! 

In addition to the competition, you can take part in a unique flamenco masterclass. Especially for dancers, this unforgettable event will not only help you extend your dancing skills, but also immerse you in an authentic Spanish tradition.

Flamenco is a fervent and emotional Spanish dance, steeped in rich history and cultural significance. The dance combines passion, rhythm, art and self-expression. At our workshop you will experience the unique flamenco atmosphere and learn the basics under the guidance of top professionals.

Our teachers are all outstanding performers who have dedicated their lives to the art. With their detailed knowledge of flamenco and its techniques, they are a source of inspiration to all participants. You will learn from the best and immerse yourself in an authentic flamenco atmosphere.

Important benefits of taking part in the workshop: 

  • All participants who complete our masterclass will receive certificates on the Kingdom of Spain stamped paper. 
  • Participants will learn how to express emotion through their body movements.
  • Taking part in the workshop gives you the opportunity to expand your skills and abilities in dance and immerse yourself in Spain’s culture and heritage.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of a unique flamenco workshop! 

Explore your potential, immerse yourself in the passion and art of Spanish dance.