Report of Fiestalonia Israel (May 2018, Israel)

In May 2018 in the beautiful city of Tel-Aviv, the debut international festival-contest Fiestalonia Israel was held. More than 10 jury members from 6 countries gathered to evaluate the talents of several hundred participants from all over the world and choose the best of the best!

The contest was held in a rather strict atmosphere to determine the most powerful participants, and also to select the brightest numbers for a gala concert. And the end of the festival was just a grand concert! Judge for yourself – the most talented participants, an incredible scene with endless technical possibilities, intrigue before the award ceremony and of course a huge number of surprises and special prizes!

In addition to the four Grand Prix, participants of the festival Fiestalonia Israel received special giftsAmong which:

Free participation and accommodation in Moscow for the 15th International Festival « Moscow Meets Friends » organized by the Vladimir Spivakov International Charitable Foundation were given to the sisters Gervits, Nicole Ledovsky and Montal Michel.
A certificate for free participation in the festival organized by Fiestalonia in Spain « The Place of Holiday » in 2018 was awarded to Nichole Ledovski.


Alexander Povolotskii (Israel) – violinist and composer, head of the Ensemble of Soloists « Virtuosos of Tel Aviv ». He worked in the orchestra and ensemble of violinists of the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR, the State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR under the direction of E. Svetlanova, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Zubin Metta. Member of the jury of the XII international competition named of G. Venyavsky, chairman of the jury of the international competition named of J. Schepanovsky. Musical consultant of the International Charity Fund V. Spivakov.


Ruben Lisician (Germany) – Honored Artist of Russia, Professor. He graduated from the Moscow Conservatory with M. Rostropovich and V. Berlinsky in cello class, with P. Lisitsian and D. Varshamov in the vocal class. Laureate of the V international vocal competition name of Schumann, the X International Festival in Berlin and other international competitions. He toured Europe, USA, Canada, Israel. President of the German-Russian Cultural and Educational Academy of Cologne.


Ivan Rudin (Russia) – Laureate of International Competitions in Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Greece. Concerts in Europe, USA, Japan with leading conductors and orchestras. Since 2011 he works as an assistant professor in Troppa in the Russian Academy of Music name of Gnesin and assistant professor of the Higher School of Music in Hamburg. Since 2001. Artistic director of the international music festival « ArsLonga ».



Petr Gulko (Russia) – Founder and artistic director of the International Charitable Foundation « Vladimir Spivakov ». Artist of Russia and Ukraine, laureate of the UNESCO Prize, laureate of the Russia Government Prize and the National Prize of Ukraine. The author of radio programmes, articles and many arts festivals. He conducted many theatre productions and was one of the organizers of the Art Festival  « White Acacia » (Ukraine). In 1990, together with the choreographer V. Shkilko with the support of R. Shchedrin and producer M.G. Rudinstein, he created the first ballet theatre of contemporary art.



Marina Caro (Spain) -A singer, solo artist, and composer,  Representative of the modern Spanish show-business in Barcelona,  graduated from the faculty of modern singing in The Institute of Contemporary Arts. Her songs are in rotation on the most popular radio in Spain and are included in the top 40 songs according to Radio Los 40 Principales.


Roberto Lori (Italy) is a teacher and choreographer, an actor of Opera and Ballet, the author of a lot of choreographies. He gives master classes all around the world, taking new ideas with meeting new people and cultures. One of the best and most renowned choreographers in Italy.



Elena Kuzmina (Russia) – Honored Artist of Russia, singer, composer, professor. Director and producer. In the solo repertoire of compositions in the style of soul, popular music, retro hits, jazz, blues, classical pop and folk songs. Since 2002, she has been giving master classes in pop vocal both in Russia and abroad. The advising teacher in the theater-studio « Neposedy ».



Ilana Katz (Israel) – the head coach of the Maccabi Dan Association of gymnastics and acrobatics, and in the framework of which many Israeli champions have arisen. Ilana focuses on education and choreography in Israel and has built up a great reputation for performing shows on stage, as well as large performances with hundreds of children in stadiums.



Yulia Kruglyak (Spain) is an artist of the ensemble of folk dance, Yulia performed at the best stages of Spain and Ukraine, on the national television of Spain. The first in Spain, the Slavic flamenco performer, won the recognition of connoisseurs of this genre. With 25 years of stage experience, Yulia is a successful choreographer and participant of the famous Show-Flamenco Gran Casino Costa Brava, she has extensive teaching activities: she teaches classical dance in the club of rhythmic gymnastics Club Vitry (Lloret de Mar, Spain), Spanish dance at the Academy of Dance « Alira » (Lloret de Mar, Spain); conducts master classes of Spanish dance to artists from all over the world.


 Arnon Zucker (Israel) – Choreographer and a well-known Jazz / Commercial Dance teacher. Holds a degree in education from Tel Aviv University, and is the owner of Dance Alma & Arnon » Dance studios, in and around Tel-Aviv. » Practical management of the national course for teachers and dancers in cooperation with the Ministry of Education , Department of Dance, in Israel. Choreographic works for Gvanim Bemachol, artists, video clips and television programs.


Teimuraz Ivaneishvili (Georgia) – Honored Artist of Georgia, soloist of the Georgian Opera Theater. Pavliashvili, Laureate of many international competitions, Performed in theaters in Milan, Barcelona, Moscow, Washington, Chicago, etc. Trained at the La Scala Theater. Teaches pedagogical activity and master classes in different countries.



Results of Fiestalonia Israel (May 2018, Spain)

GRAND PRIX (Platinum diploma) go to Georgian National Ballet Israel (Folk dance), Choir “Israel Flowers” (academic vocal), Tal Sagalovich (pop singing) and Montal Mishel (pop singing).

Nominations «Choreographic groups and soloists»

  • Georgian National Ballet Israel (Folk dance)
(100 points)


  • Alon Vigal (variety dance) age 6-7
  • Nichole Ledovski (sport dance ) age 6-7
  • Enny Valdman   (classical ballet) age 10-12
  • Shani Solomack (classical ballet) age 13-15


  • Studio « Glory » (modern dance & variety dance ) age 10-12 “Kitten’s Mamba” / “V gostyah u Skazki”
  • « Vizavi » Dance School (modern dance) age 13-15 “Breez”
  • « Vizavi » Dance School (sport dance) age 13-15 “Dead people”
Golden Diploma
(from 90 to 99 points)


  • Elianora Pakaev (variety dance ) age 10-12


  • « Vizavi » Dance School (modern dance) age 6-7 “Little Sailors”
  • « Vizavi » Dance School (variety dance) age 6-7 “Candy Man”
  • « Vizavi » Dance School( variety dance) age 8-9 “No speak Americano”
  • « Vizavi » Dance School (sport dance) age 8-9 “The Bilders”
  • « Vizavi » Dance School (sport dance) age 8-9 “The Snakes”
  • “Vizavi » Dance School( variety dance) age 10-12 “Japan”
  • « Vizavi » Dance School (sport dance) age 10-12 “Harlly Quinn”
  • « Vizavi » Dance School (classical ballet) age 10-15 “Flamengo”
Silver Diploma
(from 80 to 89 points)


  • Yael Natuchin (variety dance ) age 10-12
  • Nichole Jernikevich (variety dance) age 10-12
  • Yael Volodarsky ; Victoria Shraibman; Anastasia Kutzkin (classical ballet) age 8-9
  • Daniel Seriogin &Shelli Titov (variety dance) age 10-12
  • Larisa Udalih (variety dance) age 13-15
  • Anna Popova (folk dance) age 20+


  • « Vizavi » Dance School (modern dance) age 4-5 “Crazy Dolls”
  • “Vizavi » Dance School (variety dance) age 4-5 “School Break Time”
  • « Vizavi » Dance School (sport dance) age 10-12 “Hip Hop”
  • Dance School « Diverstmant » (modern dance) age 9-14 “Kalinka”
  • Dance School « Diverstmant » (folk dance) age 10-13 “Adon Olam”
  • Dance School « Exotic » (modern dance) age 13-15 “Spinder”

Bronze Diploma

(from 70 to 79 points)



  • Elena Baranovskaya (variety dance) age 8-9
  • Helen Raider (classical ballet ) age 8-9
  • Liel Geri (variety dance) age 10-12
  • Nikol Chernenko (variety dance ) age 10-12
  • Yael Gur (variety dance) age 10-12


  • Dance School « Maximum »(variety dance) age 6-7 “Maximum”
  • Dance School « Maximum » (variety dance) age 7-11”Hafanana”
  • Dance School “ »Exotic » (variety dance) age 10-12 |Euphoria”


Copper Diploma

(up to 70 points)


Nomination «Singing» (choirs, ensembles, duets, trios, soloists)

  • Montal Mishel (pop singing)
  • Choir “Israel Flowers” academic vocals
  • Tal Sagalovich (pop singing)
100 points
  • Gamzu Maya/jazz singing
  • Choir « Fantazia » /pop singing
  • Raudoi Nikol/jazz singing
  • Khachatryan Stefani/jazz singing
  • Muratov Nikol/jazz singing
  • Binder Ronen/pop singing
  • Eidelman Nikol/pop singing
  • SolodukhinaMargarita/pop singing
  • Romanova Anastasia & Belova Darya/pop singing
  • Raudoi Nikol & Mikheeva Daniela/jazz singing
  • Choir “Fantazia”
Golden Diploma
(from 90 to 99 points)
  • Nataly Eligulashvili /academic vocals
  • Derel Mayan/pop singing
  • Kuchin Elia/pop singing
  • Romanova Ksenia/pop singing
  • Vigal Alon/pop singing
  • Aronov Suzan/pop singing
  • Belova Darya/pop singing
  • Mark Ana/pop singing
  • Kapovski Michelle/pop singing
  • Bondar Yulia/pop singing
  • Derel Ilan & Yan Kharlamov/pop singing
  • Raudoi Nikol/pop singing
  • Khachatryan Stefani/pop singing
  • Muratov Nikol/pop singing
  • Gluzman Shelly/pop singing
  • Kharlamov Yan/pop singing
  • Orentlikher Michal/pop singing
  • Mikheeva Daniela/pop singing
  • Faybi Michal/pop singing
  • Urman Liora/pop singing
  • Choir « Alex Gold »/pop singing
Silver diploma
(from 80 to 89 points)
  • Elia Kuchin /academic vocals
  • Mishel Vaizman /academic vocals
  • Reizner Nataly /academic vocals
  • Ermakova Adele/pop singing
  • Vigal Alon/pop singing
  • Gamzu Maya/pop singing
  • Gluzman Emily/pop singing
  • Marfich Maria/pop singing
  • Ermakova Adele/jazz singing
  • Chistyakov Alina/pop singing
  • Derel Ilan/pop singing
  • Romanova Anastasia/pop singing
  • Reizner Nataly/pop singing
  • Frank Tamar/pop singing
  • Kapovski Michelle/pop singing
  • Romanova Ksenia & Anastasia/pop singing
  • Gluzman Emily & Shelly/pop singing
  • Gaze Emily/pop singing
  • Hodets Alina/pop singing
  • Lanin Noam/pop singing
  • Averkov Eugune/pop singing
  • Yutkina Yulia/pop singing
  • Zlokazova Ksenia/pop singing
  • Choir « Israel Flowers »/pop singing
Bronze Diploma
(from 70 to 79 points)
  • Yakovlev Itan/pop singing
  • Hodets Cristina/pop singing
  • Kupershmidt Noa/pop singing
  • Akhoundov Renat/pop singing
  • Konoplev Lilian/pop singing
  • Mindlin Liel/pop singing
  • Sigalov Eden/pop singing
  • Vaizman Mishel/pop singing
  • Sutovsky Melody/jazz singing
  • Ben Zvion Meital/pop singing
  • Yunus Yanav/pop singing
  • Ternyak Martin/pop singing
Copper Diploma
(up to 70 points)

Nomination «Instrumental groups and soloists»

  • Gervits Elizabeth /piano
  • Miariia Shakhovtsova / Clarinet
  • Gervits Katerina & Elizabeth /duo piano
Golden Diploma
(from 90 to 99 points)
  • Olesia Belykh / piano
  • Okunev Ilia & Revina Viktoria / piano due
  • Miariia Shakhovtsova / Clarinet & Olesia Belykh / piano
  • Okunev Ilia & Okuneva Irina / piano due
Silver Diploma
(from 80 to 89 points)
  • Gervits Katerina / piano
  • Dmitrii Vaganov / piano
  • Raykh Ksenia / piano
  • Vaganov Viacheslav / piano
  • Vaganov Viacheslav & Dmitrii / piano duo
  • Raykh Ksenia & Pukhkalo Vladislava / piano duo
  • Revina Viktoria & Larisa Kovaleva / piano due
  • Raykh Ksenia & Tatiana Bondarenko / piano duo
  • Pukhkalo Vladislava & Bondarenko Tatiana / piano duo
Bronze Diploma
(from 70 to 79 points)
  • Okunev Ilia / piano
  • Revina Viktoria / piano
  • Pukhkalo Vladislava piano
  • Olesia Belykh& Okuneva Irina / piano duo
Copper Diploma
(up to 70 points)



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