Report of The Place of Holiday (November 2019, Spain)

Budgetary festival–сompetition in Spain «The Place of Holiday» is a cultural event, representing the achievements of creative groups. The main purpose of the festival is to showcase the art to the viewer.

The festival participants are staying in the legendary Costa Brava region!

Participating countries: Lithuania, Georgia, Malaysia, Russia, Cuba, Iran, Croatia

The results of the International festival-contest

«The Place of Holiday»

  • Folk dancers group “MTIS SHVILEBI”, Kazbegi, Georgia, folk dance


100 points

  • Ballroom Dance Studio «Ugne», Vilnius, Lithuania, II 10-12, ballrom dance
  • Duet from Malaysia Arts School of Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, folk stylized dance
  • Mixed vocal group Nešpula, Pula, Croatia, pop singing
  • Folk singers group “EROBA”, Kazbegi, Georgia, folk singing
  • Mixed vocal group Nešpula, Pula, Croatia, folk singing
  • Malaysia Arts School of Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, folk stylized dance


Golden diploma

from 90 to 99 points


  • Aron, Mashhad, Iran, traditional musicBallroom Dance Studio «Ugne», Vilnius, Lithuania, ballrom dance
  • Luis Miguel Sánchez Arév
  • lo, La Habana, Cuba, pop singing
  • Mohamad Hazwan Bin Nor Rosidan from Malaysia Arts School of Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ethnic dance
  • Ballroom Dance Studio «Ugne», Vilnius, Lithuania, ballrom dance
  • Dance-studio «FRESH», Moscow, Russia, II 10-12, plastic miniature


Silver diploma

from 80 to 89 points


  • Dance-studio «FRESH», Moscow, Russia, II 10-12, modern dance
  • Katrina Liduma from “Bel Art”, Riga, Latvia, pop singing
  • Tatiana Elfimova from Dance-studio «FRESH», Moscow,    Russia, modern dance
  • Luis Miguel Sánchez Arévalo, La Habana, Cuba, folk singing
  • Luis Miguel Sánchez Arévalo, La Habana, Cuba, jazz singing
  • Tatiana Elfimova from Dance-studio «FRESH», Moscow, Russia, plastic miniature


Bronze Diploma

from 70 to 79 points




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