Report: Dancing Catalonia (March, 2013 Spain)

The contest was held on the best choreographic scene of the Spain which is confirming his title every year from faraway 60s.
Four hundred people from around the world was attended to this event. Moreover, in the event participated stars from Argentina, England and Spain, which left no one indifferent!
Members of the jury were famous artists of art and choreography from Ukraine, Spain, the UK, Russia and Romania.
Unforgettable master classes, world-famous personality, a lot of new opportunities, the chance to express themselves, and of course the sea, the sun, beautiful smile and warm applause – this is DANCING CATALONIA


  • Chiqui Morales
  • Sara Diasz
  • Irina Khrebtova
  • Tatiana Gopkalo
  • Alexandra Buturuga
  • David Dzhaparidze


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