International Dance Games (June 2019, Spain)

The idea of holding such contest as International Dance Games is caused by the Olympic ideal of competitiveness in a fair contest of dance groups from all over the world. This idea should inspire people to feel the spirit of the event, regardless of the artistic level of their performances.

The main idea of our events is to motivate young dancers to make their dreams come true, to show the public what they are capable of, to demonstrate art to the spectators and to give the group leaders a possibility to exchange experiences.

The idea of “International Dance Games” is expressed in the experience of millions of people from all over the world, in the promotion of peace, friendship, fraternal relationships and solidarity of nations through the art of dance, rich traditions and national standards of self-expression and communication.


Raffaella Crapio


Results of «International Dance Games» (June 2019, Spain)

My Sundén, Stockholm, Sweden/contemporary dance
Minna Sundén, Stockholm, Sweden//contemporary dance
Choreographic ensemble «Confetti», Blagoveshchensk, Russia/sport dance/age category III 13-15
Choreographic ensemble «Confetti», Blagoveshchensk, Russia/sport dance/age category IV 16-19
Tatiana Cherednichek from «Romen» Gipsy song and dance ensemble, Perm, Russia/folk dance
Duet Sundén, Stockholm, Sweden/variety dance 
Golden diploma
from 90 to 99 points
Choreographic ensemble «Confetti», Blagoveshchensk, Russia/folk dance/ mixed age category
My Sundén, Stockholm, Sweden/variety dance
Рop dance studio «Victoria», Balashikha, Russia/variety dance
Duet Sundén, Stockholm, Sweden/contemporary dance

Silver diploma
from 80 to 89 points


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