Report of World of Choirs and Open Italy (May 2017, Italy)

At the beginning of May 2017 in the ancient Italian city of Pesaro two competitions were held, organized by the leading European organizing committee Fiestalonia Milenio, World of Choirs and Open Italy. The coastal city sunny met participants from 9 countries and was pleased with the beautiful weather during all competitive days. From year to year, the festival-contest World of Choirs collects the best choirs from all over the world, and Open Italy invites musicians and orchestras from around the world to perform on one stage. This year, the jury awarded the highest award of the „Gran Prix“ contest to the national vocal ensemble Tamarin from the city of Vranjik in Croatia. Congratulazioni!

Countries – participants:

Norway, Croatia, Turkey, Russia, China, Serbia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.


Luca Giuseppe Tavanti – Italian composer, violinist. Now he is engaged in the restoration and re-recording of old discs, audio support in conjunction with MARTlab, teaches, works in the field of live and studio recording, and also deals with live concerts and their promotion and support.

Results of World of Choirs and Open Italy (May 2017, Italy)

GRAND PRIX (Platinum diploma) go to Vranjic, Croatia with Dalmatian folk vocal ensemble TAMARIN in nomination „Folk Singing“.


  • Anisimova Alina/flute
  • Mingyang Li/Folklore instrument: Erhu
  • Nan Li/ Folklore instrument: Erhu
  • Shapygin Vadim/piano
  • Ekaterina Evmeneva/piano
  • Anna Kovaleva/piano
  • Duet Belykh Dana & Shapygin Vadim/duet piano
  • The High School Affiliated to University of Science & Technology/ orchestra
Golden diploma
from 90 to 99 points
  • Bing Fu/cello
  • Danshi Li/Folklore instrument: Du Zheng
  • Maria Romanova/piano
  • Chen Kai/piano
  • Duet Shakurina Polina & Vovchek Elizaveta/piano & cello
  • Duet Shakurina Polina & Khaibulina Elena/duet piano
Silver diploma
from 80 to 89 points
  • Belykh Dana/piano
  • Artem Chernetskii/piano
  • Jelena Keserović/piano
Bronze diploma
from 70 to 79 points 
  • Malika Medet/piano
  • Sofia Erygina/piano
Copper diploma
up to 70 points


  • Dalmatian folk vocal ensemble TAMARIN/folk singing
100 points
  • Shapygin Vadim/academic singing
  • Golubev Vladislav/academic singing
  • Choir CANTERINA/children’s choirs
  • Koret Diandre/pop singing
Golden diploma
from 90 to 99 points
  • Ekaterina Mochalova/academic singing
  • Elizaveta Belyaeva/academic singing
  • Choir „Poyushaya Svirel“/children’s choirs
  • Vocal ensemble “PRIMAVERA”/folk singing
Silver diploma
from 80 to 89 points 
  • Khazova Daria/jazz singing
  • MEF Schools Choir/children’s choirs
Copper diploma
up to 70 points


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