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Information from this form is necessary for us for issuing the invitation documents and pre-booking the services for You (hotels, transfers).
Please fulfill this form as much detail as possible. If You will have any changes while preparing for the festival, You could make them by contacting our managers by email:

Very often our participants want to stay longer than the festival period and book additional days of stay. If You want to use such a possibility, please indicate the desired dates of arrival and departure in the appropriate fields so that we can book the hotel in accordance with the dates You want.

IMPORTANT: When fulfilling the form, please use only the email that was used while registering the application, also do not forget to indicate Your application ID.


If You have any further questions, You may contact us by e-mail or WhatsApp +34 688 27 62 48. While sending us Your messages, please use Your application ID number so that we can identify Your request faster.

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