Results of The Song (Applications 2021)


100 pointsGrand Prixfree participation with accommodation in the May competition in Spain – Sea Sun Festival in 2022 (01.05-07.06)
99 points50% discount on participation with accommodation in the May competition in Spain – Sea Sun Festival in 2022 (01.05-07.06)
95-98 points25% discount on participation with accommodation in the May competition in Spain – Sea Sun Festival in 2022 (01.05-07.06)
90-94 points15% discount on participation with accommodation in the May competition in Spain – Sea Sun Festival in 2022 (01.05-07.06)
80-89 points5% discount on participation with accommodation in any of the competitions organized by Fiestalonia


Results of the contest The Song

Henry White12-14 летAustralia100Grand Prize
Emma LaceOlder than 25 yearsCanada99I Prize
Lola Frounsea9-11 years oldFrance98I Prize
Lilou Olinsou15-17 years oldItaly97I Prize
Choir of senior classes of the Dnieper children's music school №1612-14 years oldUkraine96I Prize
Ensemble of soloists "Blahovist"Older than 25 yearsUkraine95I Prize
Anna Yurkevich9-11 years oldBelarus94I Prize
Barbara Rakicevic15-17 years oldMacedonia93I Prize
Olena KumanovskaOlder than 25 years oldUkraine93I Prize
Ivan Abramov18-25 years oldRussia93I Prize
Dmitriy Musin and the Pop Song Studio "Impromptu" amateur talent groupOlder than 25 years oldRussia93I Prize
Țurcanu Bianca, Țurcanu Beatrice și Veremciuc Andrea9-11 years oldRepublic of Moldova93I Prize
Alina TsvetkovaOlder than 25 years oldRussia92I Prize
Akhmetova Alyona ZholdasbayevnaOlder than 25 years oldKazakhstan91I Prize
Hermione Lau Kanasook6-8 years old91I Prize
Maria Terentieva9-11 years oldRussia91I Prize
JONAS NARUTAVIČIUS,9 YEARS 2012 019-11 years oldLITHUANIA91I Prize
Olena KumanovskaOlder than 25 years oldUkraine91I Prize
Marcelina Dominik3-5 years oldPolska91I Prize
Mikhail Medvedskii12-14 years oldRussia91I Prize
Desislava Radostinova Gudova12-14 years oldBulgaria91I Prize
Karpova AnnaOlder than 25 years oldRussia91I Prize
Khasiyeva Naila18-25 years oldAzerbaijan91I Prize
Olena KumanovskaOlder than 25 years oldUkraine91I Prize
Hermione Lau Kanasook6-8 years old91I Prize
Robert Poka18-25 years oldRomania91I Prize
Jacob Dyakonov6-8 years oldUK91I Prize
Taisa Ozdemir9-11 years oldTurkey91I Prize
Julia Chudzik15-17 years oldPoland91I Prize
Norbert Kuświk15-17 years oldPoland91I Prize
Petkova Viktoria9-11 years oldBulgaria91I Prize
Hermione Lau Kanasook6-8 years oldThailand90I Prize
Maria Skorikova15-17 years oldKazakhstan90I Prize
OKSANAOlder than 25 years oldUKRAINE90I Prize
Pak Sabina12-14 years oldKazakhstan90I Prize
Nurzere Maratkyzy6-8 years oldKazakhstan90I Prize
Mukaddas Aliyeva12-14 years oldUzbekistan90I Prize
Marina Andreea Cretu6-8 years oldSpain90I Prize
Ruslana Boychuk12-14 years oldMoldova90I Prize
Reznik Evgeniya18-25 yearsRussia90I Prize
Darja Petrova6-8 yearsLITHUANIA90I Prize
Ensemble of soloists "Blahovist"MixedUkraine90I Prize
Katherine Indradjaja12-14 years oldIndonesia90I Prize
Raya Atanasova9-11 years oldBulgaria90I Prize
Zuzanna Dworakowska18-25 years oldPolska90I Prize
Yaroslava Kravchuk12-14 years oldKazakhstan90I Prize
Michelle ShapaFrom 25 years oldSwitzerland/Israel90I Prize
Annabelle WallisOlder than 25 years oldUnited Kingdom90I Prize
Group "Love, sing, live"18-25 years oldAustralia90I Prize
Serenity WhedonOlder than 25 years oldScotland90I Prize
Sarah Qistina Lim9-11 years oldMalaysia89II Prize
Ensemble of soloists "Blahovist"MixedUkraine89II Prize
NIght MOlder than 25 years oldUkraine/USA89II Prize
Hermione Lau Kanasook6-8 years old89II Prize
Amina Arystanbek9-11 years oldKazakhstan89II Prize
Faustina Bloškytė9-11 years oldLithuanian89II Prize
Arina Andrievska9-11 years oldRussia89II Prize
Peyton Piper9-11 years oldUSA89II Prize
Jacinda BrownOlder than 25 years oldAustralia89II Prize
Alzbeta LenskaOlder than 25 years oldCzech Republic89II Prize
Sheila Taylor6-8 years oldAustralia89II Prize
Lillian Lanco9-11 years oldItaly89II Prize
Stella Lansons15-17 years oldUSA89II Prize
Group "Night"9-11 years oldAustralia89II Prize
Zuzanna Ozimińska12-14 years oldPoland88II Prize
Atėnė Neimantaitė12-14 years oldLithuanian88II Prize
Oksana KotovaOlder than 25 years oldRussia88II Prize
Olivia WalkeyOlder than 25 years oldUnited Kingdom88II Prize
Group "Joy"3-5 years oldAustralia88II Prize
Violet Jonson12-14 years oldUSA88II Prize
Akhmedova Amina9-11 years oldUzbekistan87II Prize
Hannah Hantke12-14 years oldGerman87II Prize
Victoria WalkerOlder than 25 years oldAustralia82II Prize
Jan Van EyckOlder than 25 years oldDenmark82II Prize
Remy Martin9-11 years oldFrance82II Prize
Davide la Cecilia15-17 years oldSerbia82II Prize
Caroline Stanbury18-25 years oldUnited Kingdom81II Prize
Gustav Klimt9-11 years oldSweden81II Prize
Bence MateOlder than 25 years oldHungary81II Prize
Group "Cantrati"9-11 years oldItaly81II Prize
Group "Sunshine"Older than 25 years oldAustralia80II Prize
Cyrilo Salva15-17 years oldPortugal80II Prize
Paolo RoversiOlder than 25 years oldItaly80II Prize
Danil TurOlder than 25 years oldSerbia80II Prize
Eliana Cargnelutti6-8 years oldItaly79III Prize
Group "Daisy"Older than 25 years oldItaly79III Prize
Emilio Pucci6-8 years oldSpain79III Prize
Maximilian Leis3-5 years oldMexico79III Prize
Jack Kelly18-25 years oldAustralia78III Prize
Poppy Thompson18-25 years oldAustralia78III Prize
Eryk Badu9-11 years oldPoland78III Prize
Hector Michaels12-14 years oldGhana78III Prize
Group "Together"6-8 years oldFrance77III Prize
Leon Thomas IIIOlder than 25 years oldUSA77III Prize
Eleanor Roosevelt9-11 years oldFrance76III Prize
Emily Latica15-17 years oldBrazil75III Prize
Sarah Brightman6-8 yearsIreland75III Prize
Oliver Sykes9-11 years oldSweden75III Prize
Grace Moretz15-17 years oldIreland74III Prize
Alice CooperMixedUSA74III Prize
Giotto di Bondone9-11 years oldItaly74III Prize
Clancy Johnson9-11 years oldAustralia73III Prize
Banjo King12-14 years oldAustralia73III Prize
Adorjan Krisztián9-11 years oldHungary73III Prize
London Lengton6-8 years oldCanada72III Prize
Xander Berkeley9-11 years oldGreece72III Prize
Marcello Mastroianni12-14 years oldSpain72III Prize
Alice Merton15-17 years oldGerman71III Prize
Katherine Heigl18-25 years oldItaly71III Prize
Group "Best Part"12-14 years oldGreece71III Prize
Mareike CarrièreOlder than 25 years oldMalta70III Prize
Ava Gardner12-14 years oldMexico70III Prize
Hugo MartinOlder than 25 years oldBrazil70III Prize
Elliot Lee12-14 years oldUSA70III Prize
Alice Lee12-14 years oldAustralia69Diploma
Group "Intro"From 25 years oldAustralia69Diploma
Penny Douglas9-11 years oldItaly69Diploma
Isabella Marloca6-8 years oldSpain68Diploma
Chiara Causa9-11 years oldItaly68Diploma
Illona Wieselmann12-14 years oldGreece68Diploma
Gabriella Quevedo12-14 years oldSweden67Diploma
Adelaide Jones6-8 years oldAustralia66Diploma
Benito Carbone12-14 years oldItaly65Diploma
Luis LopilatoMixedFrance65Diploma
Pietro Boselli6-8 years oldGreece65Diploma
Group "Rabbit"18-25 yearsSpain64Diploma
Adelmo FornaciariOlder than 25 years oldGerman62Diploma