Results of Talents of Europe (Applications of 2020)


100 pointsGrand Prixfree participation with accommodation in the May competition in Spain – Sea Sun Festival in 2021 (02.05-07.05)
98-99 points50% discount on participation with accommodation in the May competition in Spain – Sea Sun Festival in 2021 (02.05-07.05)
95-97 points25% discount on participation with accommodation in the May competition in Spain – Sea Sun Festival in 2021 (02.05-07.05)
90-94 points15% discount on participation with accommodation in the May competition in Spain – Sea Sun Festival in 2021 (02.05-07.05)
80-89 points5% discount on participation with accommodation in any of the competitions organized by Fiestalonia

Vocal II – final Round

Juan Gonzalez10-12 years oldArgentina98I Prize
Фазлиев Тимур Ильдусович10-12 years oldRussia98I Prize
Jayden ArnaudFrom 25 years old.France98I Prize
The ensemble of boys and young men Veter PeremenMixedRussia97I Prize
Leo Amar16-19 years oldFrance97I Prize
Mikhailina Khvesiuk13-15 years oldBelarus95I Prize
SHow grup "Veter peremen"MixedRussia95I Prize
SHow grup "Veter peremen"MixedRussia95I Prize
Ensemble " Veter peremen"MixedRussia95I Prize
Maslov Maksim Evgenievich10-12 years oldRussia95I Prize
Kristiyan Nalbantov10-12 years oldBulgaria95I Prize
Aneliya and Kristiyan Nalbantovi10-12 years oldBulgaria95I Prize
Monita Fitriasince 25 yearsIndonesia95I Prize
Aris Bakas16-19 years oldGreece94I Prize
Leon WeberUntil the age of 9Germany93I Prize
Luzina VasilinaUp to 10 years.Russia93I Prize
Odikadze Sofya10-12 years oldRussia93I Prize
Uvarov Aleksandr school of pop singing " Veter Peremen"10-12 years oldRussia93I Prize
ADAM ACHMIZFrom 25 years old.Russia93I Prize
Maria KokorevaUp to 10 years.Kazakhstan93I Prize
Elina Babaewa13-15 years oldRussia93I Prize
Galaninskaya Alisa /Галанинская Алиса10-12 years oldRussia93I Prize
SOFIA RUSTAMOVA10-12 years oldBelarus93I Prize
Anastasiia Lypovenko10-12 years oldUkraine93I Prize
Mishenko Kira10-12 years oldRussia93I Prize
Драч Кирилл / DRACH KIRYL13-15 years oldRepublic of Belarus93I Prize
Jilly Natalie10-12 yearsIndonesia93I Prize
Shelomita Gasya Amory10-12 yearsIndonesia93I Prize
Esther Smit13-15 yearsSouth Africa93I Prize
Cara ByrneUntil the age of 9Ireland92I Prize
Semeryanova TatyanaFrom 25 years old.Rossia92I Prize
Zakharcheva Daria13-15 years oldRussia92I Prize
Елена Башлова10-12 years oldRussia92I Prize
Taymanova Tatiana Iskanderovna10-12 years oldRussian Federation92I Prize
Abdurrahmanov Xamza10-12 years oldAzerbaycan92I Prize
Maria KokorevaUp to 10 years.Kazakhstan92I Prize
Kristina Beglaryan10-12 years oldRussia92I Prize
Aneliya Nalbantova10-12 years oldBulgaria92I Prize
Sadov Arsenyi/ Садов Арсений16-19 years oldRussia92I Prize
Стеанна ГеоргиеваYounger than 10 years oldBulgaria92I Prize
Sydney Aurelle SiswantoYounger than 10 years oldIndonesia92I Prize
Esther Smit13-15 yearsSouth Africa92I Prize
Marta FallaciUntil the age of 9Italy91I Prize
Vocal group "Pinky"10-12 years oldSouth Korea90I Prize
Медведева Ирина МихайловнаFrom 25 years old.Russia90I Prize
Beketova ElenaUp to 10 years.Russian Federation90I Prize
Yurov Vsevolod , school of pop singing " Veter Peremen"Up to 10 years.Russia90I Prize
Ayxan Jafarov13-15 years oldAzerbaijan90I Prize
Стеанна ГеоргиеваYounger than 10 years oldBulgaria90I Prize
Agustina Rojas20-25 yearsChile89II Prize
Choir "Star Trek"13-15 years oldPoland88II Prize
Hugo Dubois13-15 years oldBelgium88II Prize
Asia GolinoUntil the age of 9.Italy88II Prize
Kubatina PraskoviaUp to 10 years.Russia88II Prize
Spelchuk NikoletaUp to 10 years.Ukraine88II Prize
Kamskaya Ekaterina10-12 years oldRussia88II Prize
Maria Tretiak13-15 years oldUkraine88II Prize
Bolsunovskaia Daria10-12 years oldRussia88II Prize
Yaroslav Burbukin10-12 years oldKazakhstan88II Prize
Eva Markosian13-15 years oldRussia88II Prize
Jack Taylor10-12 years oldUnited Kingdom87II Prize
Stepanova Veronika10-12 years oldRussia87II Prize
Zhalnina Viktoria16-19 years oldRussia87II Prize
Maria PrikazchikovaFrom 25 years old.Russia87II Prize
Eugenia Maslennikova10-12 years oldBelarus87II Prize
Sofia Kovaleva13-15 years oldRussia87II Prize
Zuzanna Adamik13-15 years oldPoland86II Prize
Elias Fischer10-12 years oldGermany85II Prize
Galkevich ArtemUp to 10 years.Ukraine85II Prize
Алина Сагандыкова10-12 years oldKazakhstan85II Prize
Ailana MatkhanovaUp to 10 years.Kazakhstan85II Prize
Nonev Kirill13-15 years oldUkraine85II Prize
Mishenko Kira10-12 years oldRussia85II Prize
Kritskaya Nadina20-25 yearsRussia85II Prize
Serebryanskaya Sofya10-12 years oldKasakhstan85II Prize
Josefina Rincón Cuencasince 25 yearsEspaña85II Prize
Fridolin Blasl16-19 years oldAustria85II Prize
Paul Schneider10-12 years oldGermany84II Prize
Noemi BaroffioUntil the age of 9.Italy83II Prize
Toderik AlexeyUp to 10 years.Ukraine83II Prize
Моргунов РоманUp to 10 years.Ukraine83II Prize
Nikitenko Sofia10-12 years oldRussia83II Prize
Ava Wilson10-12 years oldCanada82II Prize
Amelia Roy13-15 years oldCanada82II Prize
Harry JonesFrom 25 years old.United Kingdom82II Prize
Krugova AlinaUp to 10 years.Russia82II Prize
Milana Kulikova13-15 years oldRussia82II Prize
NataIie Malka16-19 years oldIsrael82II Prize
Liam AitUntil the age of 9.Morocco81II Prize
Lucas Peeters10-12 years oldBelgium80II Prize
Pablo GarziaFrom 25 years old.Spain80III Prize
Tatyana Demina16-19 years oldRussia80II Prize
Inna ShklovskayaFrom 25 years old.Russia80II Prize
Nargiz Pashayeva16-19 years oldAzerbaijan80II Prize
Charly AutryUntil the age of 9.France79III Prize
Mishenko Kira10-12 years oldRussia78III Prize
Charlotte Neumann20-25 yearsGermany76III Prize
Ben Schmidt20-25 yearsGermany75III Prize
Adria Anastas13-15 years oldGreece70III Prize
Amida Amano13-15 years oldJapan69Diploma
Vocal Studio "Birds"13-15 years oldItaly65Diploma

Choreography II – final Round

Dance theatre “Ivan da Maria”13-15 years oldRussia95I Prize
Folk dance ensemble "On alty kyz "13-15 years oldKazakhstan93I Prize
Dance Ensamble "Lamb"MixedItaly91I Prize
Shevchenko Yaroslava13-15 years oldUkraine , Odessa90I Prize
Egoreva Dasha13-15 years oldRussia90I Prize
Dance group "BoomRoom"MixedGermany90I Prize
Dance group "Flex"13-15 years oldRomania90I Prize
Pas ZephyrMixedRussia89II Prize
Fiona Ryan10-12 years oldIreland89II Prize
Diana KhegayFrom 25 years old.Uzbekistan88II Prize
The people's group. Studio of modern dance "JAM BABES".20-25 yearsRussia88II Prize
RED MACHINE Small Group, Arefyeva Anastsia16-19 years old88II Prize
Group "Magical Show"Until the age of 9Finland88II Prize
KONFETTIUp to 10 years.Uzbekistan87II Prize
Dance group "Wald"16-19 years oldGermany87II Prize
Amelia Nowak16-19 years oldPoland86II Prize
Dance group "Monkeys"Until the age of 9Germany85II Prize
Dance group "Red cherry"Until the age of 9South Korea84II Prize
Hans Branke10-12 years oldAustia83II Prize
Eve O'ConnorUntil the age of 9.Ireland83II Prize
Francesca Boggio Bozzo16-19 years oldItaly82II Prize
Veronika ZirchukUp to 10 years.Ukraine82II Prize
Folk Dance Ensemble " He alty kyz "16-19 years oldKazakhstan82II Prize
Vocal group "RELAX"16-19 years oldGermany82II Prize
Vladislav Meshkov, Adelya ShalaevaUp to 10 years.Kazakhstan81II Prize
Dance group "Feeling"13-15 years oldNetherlands81II Prize
Francesca Boggio Bozzo16-19 years oldItaly80II Prize
Mamontova Yasna10-12 years oldRussia80II Prize
Sausheva Ekaterina16-19 years oldRussia80II Prize
Lena AndrysiakMixedPoland80II Prize
Dance Group "Flight"10-12 years oldFinland80II Prize
Group "Blume"10-12 years oldGermany79III Prize
Exemplary Choreographic Ensemble "SUN"13-15 years oldRussia, Blagoveshchensk, Bashkortostan78III Prize
Polina GalyamovaUp to 10 years.Russia78III Prize
Demidov Evgeny13-15 years oldRussia78III Prize
Milena Martirosyan, Karine Kostanyan Tancevalnaya studia Boomerang10-12 years oldArmenia78III Prize
Dance group "Pasos rapidos"10-12 years oldSpain78III Prize
Charushnikova Anastasiya16-19 years oldRussia77III Prize
Giada Alessi10-12 years oldItaly77III Prize
Dance ensemble "Light"From 25 years old.Italy77III Prize
Nelli Grigoryan10-12 years oldArmenia76III Prize
Daan JansenMixedNetherlands76III Prize
Tancevalnaya studia Boomerang10-12 years oldArmenia75III Prize
Dance ensemble "brinca brinca"13-15 years oldSpain75III Prize
Mia MakinenMixedFinland75III Prize
Dance Ensamble "Cool kids"10-12 years oldFinland75III Prize
Sofya Yekhshatyan10-12 years oldRepublic of Armenia74III Prize
Dance group "Pleasure"MixedNorway74III Prize
Gabriel Jacobs20-25 yearsBelgium74III Prize
Dance studio "Sehriyo"Up to 10 years.Uzbekistan73III Prize
Semyachkova Maria10-12 years oldRussia73III Prize
Dance Ensamble "Milkshake"13-15 years oldFrance73III Prize

Instrumentalists II – final Round

Davidov Nikolay10-12 years oldRussia100Grand Prize
Group "Falle"From 25 years old.Norway99I Prize
Promenad TrioMixedRussian Federation99I Prize
Duet Rud Ekaterina & Uvarov Iaroslav13-15 years oldRussia99I Prize
Group "Tantana Sadolari"MixedRepublic of Uzbekistan99I Prize
Group "Paradise"13-15 years oldUnited Kingdom99I Prize
Asami AkiyamaUntil the age of 9.Japan99I Prize
Ekaterina Rud10-12 years oldRussia98I Prize
Odikadze Sofya10-12 years oldRussia98I Prize
Sofia Skladannaia16-19 years oldRussia98I Prize
Gusev Nikolay Egorovich10-12 years oldRussia98I Prize
Lyudmila Slnyova, accompanist Viktoria MikhailovaFrom 25 years old.Russia98I Prize
Olena Ovcharenko-Pieshkova20-25 yearsUkraine98I Prize
Timofey Ipatov10-12 years oldRussia98I Prize
Group "Raindrop"16-19 years oldSweden98I Prize
Emsamble "Silence"13-15 years oldGermany98I Prize
Michael Abimanyu Kaeng16-19 years oldIndonesia97I Prize
JELICA ANGELLINE ZECY YANGYounger than 10 years oldIndonesia97I Prize
Gulina Irina Nikolaevna16-19 years oldRussian Federation96I Prize
Kochekova DariaUp to 10 years.Ukraine96I Prize
Ivan KuligovskiiFrom 25 years old.Russia96I Prize
Alexander HansenFrom 25 years old.Norway96I Prize
Shagalieva UlianaUp to 10 years.Russia95I Prize
Pikus Georgy13-15 years oldRussia95I Prize
Paliakevich Sofya10-12 years oldBelarus95I Prize
MEDVEDSKAYA AMINAUp to 10 years.Russia95I Prize
MEDVEDSKAYA ANASTASIYA10-12 years oldRussia94I Prize
Akhmetov Alkuat16-19 years oldKazakhstan94I Prize
Nurlankyzy Yenlik13-15 years oldKazakhstan94I Prize
Vesenie Deratsueva13-15 years oldRussia94I Prize
Nathasia DjongYounger than 10 years oldIndonesia94I Prize
Milan Visser10-12 years oldNetherlands94I Prize
Aram Asmangulyan10-12 years oldArmenia93I Prize
Mikhailina Khvesiuk13-15 летBelarus93I Prize
Janokulova Gulsana Makhtymkulovna13-15 years oldKazakhstan93I Prize
Aleksandra Mnatsakanyan16-19 years oldArmenia92I Prize
MARINA FEDIAKHINA13-15 years oldRussia92I Prize
Oqtay XudiyevUp to 10 years.Azerbaijan92I Prize
Sarantsev ArthurUp to 10 years.Russia92I Prize
Liudmila GomozovaFrom 25 years old.Russia92I Prize
Emiliia PolotskaUp to 10 years.Ukraine92I Prize
UVAROV IAROSLAV13-15 years oldRussia91I Prize
Mila SchaeferUntil the age of 9.Germany91I Prize
Anthony Davydenko10-12 yearsCanada90I Prize
Dauletuly Damir10-12 years oldKazakhstan90II Prize
Elina Hirman10-12 years oldUkraine90II Prize
Gurbanov Maxim13-15 years oldTurkmenistan89II Prize
Ekaterina ShermyakovaUp to 10 years.Russia89II Prize
Perlin's Sopilkarei Ensemble10-12 years oldUkraine89II Prize
Alfie Smith13-15 years oldUnited Kingdom89II Prize
Zherebtsova SofiaUp to 10 years.Russia88II Prize
Olesya TerlyukUp to 10 years.Ukraine88II Prize
UVAROV ARSENIIUp to 10 years.Russia87II Prize
Margarita Zadvorna13-15 years oldUkraine87II Prize
Bondarenko Oleh13-15 years oldUKRAINE87II Prize
Utegenov Timofey10-12 years oldKazakhstan87II Prize
Group "Nachtigal"10-12 years oldAustia87II Prize
Vittoria Baresi10-12 years oldItaly85II Prize
Tsyuropiy Rostyslav13-15 years oldUKRAINE84II Prize
Yarullin Timur Linarovich13-15 years oldRussia83II Prize
Sem De JongUntil the age of 9.Netherlands83II Prize
Leontyeva AlexandraUp to 10 years.Russia82II Prize
Hybenko Alina13-15 years oldRussian82II Prize
Yarullin Ilyan Linarovich10-12 years oldRussia81II Prize
Ensemble "Despacito"Until the age of 9Spain80II Prize
Savchenko Violeta20-25 yearsUkraine79III Prize
Akulova Polina13-15 years oldRussian79III Prize
Anka Fujiwara10-12 years oldJapan79III Prize
Ansambl lojkarei "Muzikalnii suvenir"Up to 10 years.Russia78III Prize
Iskakova Tomiris10-12 years oldKazakhstan78III Prize
Iskakov ArlanUp to 10 years.Kazakhstan77III Prize
BRODA IVANNA13-15 years oldUkraine77III Prize
Ensemble "Peaceful Talk"From 25 years old.Peru77III Prize
Sheshykova Larisa13-15 years oldRussian76III Prize
Maite MuñozUntil the age of 9Chile75III Prize
Elizaveta Danilchenko10-12 years oldKazakhstan74III Prize
Rogozina Elizaveta13-15 years oldRussia73III Prize
Nadykto Daria13-15 years oldRussia73III Prize
Ensemble "Blossom"13-15 years oldUnited Kingdom73III Prize
Logan Martin10-12 years oldCanada72III Prize
Marco PoloMixedSpain72III Prize
Rodrigora Randuna13-15 yearsPeru72III Prize
Group "Leaves fall"Until the age of 9.Venezuela72III Prize
Ensemble "Taniec Pszczol"13-15 years oldPoland71III Prize
Group "Butterfly"Younger than 9 years oldCanada70Diploma
Amador DantesUntil the age of 9Bolivia70III Prize
Group "Dangqian"10-12 years oldChina70III Prize
Ensemble "Flourishing"10-12 years oldUnited Kingdom68Diploma
Ensemble "Wind"13-15 years oldNorway61Diploma

Original Genre II – final Round

Actors duo Nick Krasnoshchekov & Alexandra MatyushinaMixedRussia95I Prize
Thenny Kaengfrom 25 yearsIndonesia94I Prize
Morozov Tymur, Malych MariiaMixedUkraine93I Prize
Kalinina EkaterinaUp to 10 years.Russia93I Prize
Anna Markova10-12 years oldBelarus91I Prize
Aleshkin YaroslavUp to 10 years.Russia91I Prize
Kadir GunterUntil the age of 9Turkey90I Prize
SG Team10-12 years oldRussia89II Prize
Konstanin Petrović10-12 years oldSerbia88II Prize
Ethan Clark16-19 years oldUSA85II Prize
Adele Rowling16-19 years oldCanada79III Prize
Mia GraceUntil the age of 9Greece70III Prize
Olivia BlueUntil the age of 9Spain69Diploma
Sophia FilipovaUntil the age of 9Bulgaria65Diploma

Results of the I-st round

Vocal I Round

ParticipantAgeInformation about managersCountryPoints
Zhalnina Viktoria16-19 years oldKGIK / Rector Sergey Zengin / Associate Professor of EDP Elena SemenchenkoRussia100
Zhalnina Viktoria16-19 years oldKGIK / Rector Sergey Zengin / Associate Professor of EDP Elena SemenchenkoRussia100
Mikhailina Khvesiuk13-15 years oldMGKI Estradnaia studiia ,,Solo, Rukovoditel Mironchuk Olga IgorevnaBelarus99
Ayxan Jafarov13-15 years oldAzerbaijan99
Abdurakhmanov Khamza10-12 years oldAzerbaijan99
Maslov Maxim Evgenievich10-13 years oldInstructor:Shihovtseva Svetlana; Concertmeister:Salnikova Angelina; Municipal Budget Institution of Additional Education Children's Music School (MBUDO Children's Music School) №15; Director: Mikhail Burakevich.Russia99
Kristina Beglaryan10-12 years oldDSHI #4 / Head of Alla ZelenchukRussia98
Mighenko Kira10-12 years oldHead of Svetlana KritskayaRussia98
Wind of Change Ensemble School of Popular Singing Wind of ChangeMix 16-27MBU BEFORE DTDM Rostov-on-Don. Wind of Changes" Shepard; teacher Olga M. Peretyatko; Director: Elena E. Zhihartseva.Russia98
Uvarov Alexander School of Popular Singing "Wind of Change"10-12 years oldMBU BEFORE DTDM Rostov-on-Don. Wind of Changes" Shepard; teacher Olga M. Peretyatko; Director: Elena E. Zhihartseva.Russia98
Wind of Change Show Band School of Popular Singing Wind of Change.10-12 years oldMBU BEFORE DTDM Rostov-on-Don. Wind of Changes" Shepard; teacher Olga M. Peretyatko; Director: Elena E. Zhihartseva.Russia98
Wind of Premen Show Band School of Popular Singing Wind of ChangeMix 16-27MBU BEFORE DTDM Rostov-on-Don. Wind of Changes" Shepard; teacher Olga M. Peretyatko; Director: Elena E. Zhihartseva.Russia98
Drach Kirill Alekseevich13-15 years oldTeacher: Natalia Kostritskaya; Concertmeister: Drach Catherine;Belarus98
Jayden ArnaudFrom 25 years old.France98
Juan Gonzalez10-12 years oldArgentina98
Zakharcheva Daria13-15 years oldMAU DO Children's Music School Director Zhuravlev Oleg Anatolyevich Teacher Soldatenko Oksana Vladimirovna.Russia97
Semeryanova Tatyana ValeryevaFrom 25 years old.Omsk Philharmonic /Director Irina Lapshina /Concertmeister: Marina Klimentova (piano), Oksana Kuleshova (organum) Konstantin Belyakov (cithara).Russia97
Kristiyan Nalbandov10-12 yearsCDLR - ODK - Mr. Pomorie/Anata Dragneva - DanailovaBulgaria97
Anelia Nalbandova10-12 yearsCDLR - ODK Mr. Pomorie/Anata Dragneva - DanailovaBulgaria97
Yurov Vsevolod Yevgenyevich School of Pop Singing "The Wind of Change".Until the age of 9.MBU BEFORE DTDM Rostov-on-Don. Wind of Changes" Shepard; teacher Olga M. Peretyatko; Director: Elena E. Zhihartseva.Russia97
Leo Amar16-19 years oldFrance97
Anelia and Kristiyan Nalbandovi10-12 yearsCDLR - ODK - Mr. Pomorie/Anata Dragneva - DanailovaBulgaria96
Aris Bakas16-19 years oldGreece96
Adam AchmizFrom 25 years old.Adam Achmiz - Honored Artist of Armenia, Member of the Russian Writers' Union.Russia95
Galaninskaya Alisa Stanislavovna10-12 years oldLecturer: Eliseeva Ekaterina Andreyevna; Concertmeister: Concertmeister Galaninskaya Ekaterina Igorevna; BSH № 1 named after S.I. Taneyev.Russia95
Leon WeberUntil the age of 9Studio "Sun"Germany95
Stepanova Veronika10-12 years oldAcademy of Igor the Cool. Voronezh/ Pedagogue Mikheeva Yulia AlexandrovnaRussia94
Eva Markosian13-15 years oldDSHI Art. Essentukaya/ Director Tatiana Shvidunova/ Head of Olga ChebotaewaRussia94
Irina MedvedevaFrom 25 years old.The head of Maria Golubeva. Vocal instructor Maria Golubeva.Russia94
Kritskaya Nadina20-25 yearsHead of Svetlana KritskayaRussia94
Jilly Natalie10-12 yearsMs. Pritta Kartika / Higayon Music SchoolIndonesia94
Sadov Arseniy16-19 years oldTeacher: Ekaterina Igorevna Galaninskaya; Concertmeister: Ekaterina Igorevna GalaninskayaRussia94
Taymanova Tatiana Iskanderovna10-12 years oldLecturer: Svetlana Shikhovtseva; Concert Masters: Tatiana Samsonova; MBUDO "DMSH". № 15 г. Novosibirsk; Director: Mikhail Alekseevich BurakevichRocia94
Cara ByrneUntil the age of 9Ireland94
Mishenko kira10-12 years oldHead of Svetlana KrickayaRussia93
Marta FallaciUntil the age of 9Studio "Coro di Nuoro"Italy93
Vocal group "Pinky"10-12 years oldSoyon Kim LeeSouth Korea92
Agustina Rojas20-25 yearsChile91
Elina Babaewa13-15 years oldDSHI #3 / Director / Khairov Mavludin Head Samira Bagirova / AccompanistRussia90
Arina Alexandrova School of Popular Singing "Wind of Change"10-12 years oldMBU BEFORE DTDM Rostov-on-Don. Wind of Changes" Shepard; teacher Olga M. Peretyatko; Director: Elena E. Zhihartseva.Russia90
Choir "Star Trek"13-15 years oldPoland90
Hugo Dubois13-15 years oldBelgium90
Asia GolinoUntil the age of 9.Gioia FaugnoItaly90
Jack Taylor10-12 years oldUnited Kingdom89
Zuzanna Adamik13-15 years oldPoland88
Elias Fischer10-12 years oldGermany87
Paul Schneider10-12 years oldGermany86
Noemi BaroffioUntil the age of 9.Arts Studio "Sound on"Italy85
Luzina VasilinaUntil the age of 9Head of Diana ShavgulidzeRussia84
Harry JonesFrom 25 years old.United Kingdom84
Ava Wilson10-12 years oldCanada84
Amelia Roy13-15 years oldVocal Studio "Maple"Canada84
Liam AitUntil the age of 9.Helen CahoonMorocco83
Toderik AlexeyUntil the age of 9.Head of Alina MaerutsaUkraine82
Isavnina Alexandra10-12 years oldDEC "Daddy's Children" / Director Bayandin SERGEY/ Head of SHPOTINA NataliaRussia82
Lucas Peeters10-12 years oldBelgium82
Pablo GarziaFrom 25 years old.Spain82
Odikadze Sofya10-12 years oldDSHI MBU DO "DSHI" Eyewear K.Nazaretova / Director Aram Rustamyants / Head of Tatyana TitovaRussia81
Ben Schmidt20-25 yearsGermany81
Charly AutryUntil the age of 9.France81
Charlotte Neumann20-25 yearsGermany81
Nicolet SpelchukUntil the age of 9.Head of Alina MaerutsaUkraine80
Beketova ElenaUntil the age of 9Studio of pop and jazz vocal "Sixth Sense" / Artistic Director - Diana Gadzhieva / Vocal teacher - Vladlena KarpovaRussian Federation80
Adria Anastas13-15 years oldGreece80
Amida Amano13-15 years oldJapan80
Vocal Studio "Birds"13-15 years oldAurora RicciItaly80
Steanna GeorgievaYounger than 9 years oldElena Peyeva79
Bashlova Elena10-12 years oldTeacher: Irma Dzhimsherovna Bouadze; Concertmeister: Yulia Olegovna Lobanova; A. N. Verstovsky Children's School of Arts.Russia79
Oliver WilliamsFrom 25 years old.United Kingdom79
Galkevich ArtemUntil the age of 9.Head of Alina MaerutsaUkraine78
Aika Suzuki13-15 years oldJapan78
Milana Kulikova13-15 years oldKrasnodar State Institute of Culture / Lecturer Semenchenko Elena VasilyevnaRussia77
Darius Joubert16-19 years oldTrinity Grade 6 qualificationSouth Africa77
Ai Sato13-15 years oldJapan77
Maria PrikazchikovaFrom 25 years old.Head of Diana ShavgulidzeRussia76
Choir "Bunny"16-19 years oldGreece76
Bianca Fazio20-25 yearsItaly76
Vocal group "Love"10-12 years oldUnited Kingdom76
Krugova AlinaUntil the age of 9.Principal Arman Gras/ Vocal teacher Helen AndrewsRussia75
Inna Tymofiiuk20-25 yearsVocal teacher Anastasia Sannikova, concertmaster Marina MizenetsUkraine75
Mishenko kira10-12 years oldHead of Svetlana KritskayaRussia75
Matias Fernandez16-19 years oldArgentina75
Isidora Gonzalez13-15 years oldChile75
Aria Tremblay10-12 years oldCanada75
Choir "Shiny Star"Until the age of 9Henry ClarkUSA74
Vocal group "La citta nostra"Until the age of 9Sicilian Vocal Studio "Too 2"Italy73
Choir "Little happyniss"Until the age of 9School of Arts #9France72

Choreography I Round

ParticipantAgeInformation about managersCountryPoints
VEGAS DANCE FAMILYMixedModel Studio "Adagio" / Director Yulia Krutikova / Head of Maxim Neshataev /RUSSIA100
Dance Ensamble "Lamb"Ilaria GrecoItaly96
Dance group "BoomRoom"MixedGermany95
Dance group "Flex"13-15 years oldRomania95
Fiona Ryan10-12 years oldIreland94
RED MACHINE Small Group16-19 years oldArefyeva Anastasia RED Dance ClubRussia93
Group "Magical Show"Until the age of 9Finland93
Dance group "Wald"16-19 years oldMarie KochGermany92
Amelia Nowak16-19 years oldPoland91
Obrazcovaya studiya tanca "Virtu'ozz"16-19 years old/ Head of Kudoyarova Guzel Fanilevna / Head of Chiglinceva Elena Nikolaevna /Russia90
Maria Semyachkova model ensemble of modern and classical dance "zest"10-12 years oldTeacher:Shatalova Irina Vladimirovna; BSI 1 im. G.V. SviridovaRussia90
Dance group "Monkeys"Until the age of 9Liam MeyerGermany90
Dance group "Red cherry"Until the age of 9South Korea89
Egoreva Dasha13-15 years oldGrinkina ElenaRussia88
Eve O'ConnorUntil the age of 9.Choreography studio "West side"Ireland88
Hans Branke10-12 years oldAustia88
Vocal group "RELAX"16-19 years oldStudio "Music and Joy"Germany87
Dance group "Feeling"13-15 years oldNetherlands86
Lena AndrysiakMixedPoland85
Dance Group "Flight"10-12 years oldFinland85
Group "Blume"10-12 years oldFinn WagnerGermany84
Dance group "Pasos rapidos"10-12 years oldSpain83
Giada Alessi10-12 years oldThe Schola Cantorum of RomeItaly82
Dance ensemble "Light"From 25 years old.Italy82
Daan JansenMixedNetherlands81
Demidov Zhenia13-15 years oldSchool of Dance "Zaestyle"; Head of Perchna MarinaRussia80
Folk Dance Ensemble "He alty kyz."MixtaTeacher: Madina Temerbulatovna Dusmogombetova; Regional Palace of Culture "Kokshetau"; Director: Aliya Nursultanovna Kurmanova.Kazakhstan80
Dance ensemble "brinca brinca"13-15 years oldSpain80
Mia MakinenMixedFinland80
Dance Ensamble "Cool kids"10-12 years oldFinland80
The people's group. Studio of modern dance "JAM BABES".20-25 yearsMagadan IAUK "Center for Culture"; Art director - Olga MedvedevaRussia79
Gabriel Jacobs20-25 yearsBelgium79
Dance group "Pleasure"MixedStudio of dance "Glory"Norway79
Vladislav Meshkov, Yelizaveta BusalaevaUntil the age of 9.CPU SDC "Ak Zhuldyz" / Head of Lyudmila MorozovaKazakhstan78
Mamontova Yasna10-12 years oldObraztsovyyy kollektiv Moskovskoy oblasti khoreograficheskiy ansambl Khimchanochka" DSHI im. A.N. Verstovskogo, Khimki Director DSHI im. A.N. VERSTOVSKOGO, KHIMKI DIRECTOR DSHI IM. Verstovskogo Gogokhiya Leila Vladimirovna; Rukovoditel "Pochetnyy rabotnik obshchego obrazovaniya RF" Alekseeva Lyudmila Gennadevna, Alekseev Vikenty Yuryevich; Pedagog Timofeeva Olga Borisovna.Russia78
Dance Ensamble "Milkshake"13-15 years oldAimee LaurentFrance78
Adonia Anagnos16-19 years oldGreece77
Sascha AudeUntil the age of 9France77
Dance group "Shining Armour"16-19 years oldItaly77
Elia Arquette13-15 years oldFrance76
Benedetta Endrizzi13-15 years oldEurope Dance StudioItaly75
Roisin Walsh13-15 years oldIreland74
Acacia Agne16-19 years oldGreece73
Lucien MoreauMixedDance Studies Paris J GoubeFrance72
Zofia Adamczak10-12 years oldPoland71
Aimi YamamotoFrom 25 years old.Japan70
Group "Diamond"10-12 years oldAmelia SmithUSA69
Pas ZephyrMixedHead of Anna LyubichenkoRussia68
Dance Studio "Dside band"10-12 years oldFleur GoldGermany68
Ensamble "Mengo"MixedSchool of Arts №158Spain67
Svetlana Makhovskaya10-12 years oldBallet School of Khimki / Head of Tkacheva Maria AlekseevnaRussia67
Jonas MillerUntil the age of 9Germany66
Dance Ensamble "Move On"10-12 years oldStudio "Let´s rock"Greece65
Dance studio "Sehriyo"Until the age of 9.The head of the dance studio "Sehriyo"Uzbekistan63
Lien Morgan10-12 years oldStudio of Dance "Eclipse"Finland62
Josefa Diaz16-19 years oldChile62
Dance ensemble "Go ahead"13-15 years oldStudio "Kenza Lindos"Brazil62
Dance group "Likee"13-15 years oldSpain58

Instrumentalists I Round

ParticipantAgeInformation about managersCountryPoints
Promenad TrioMixedRussian Federation100
Michael Abimanyu Kaeng16-19 years oldOerip SantosoIndonesia100
Tantana sadolariMixedDSHI - 11 / Director Yakubbayev Rashid / Head of Qobulov Nuriddin /Uzbekistan99
Odikadze Sofya10-12 years oldMBU DO "DSHI" OKO K.Nazaretova " / Director Aram Rustamiants / Head of Grigoriy Deratsuyev /Russia99
Davidov Nikolay10-12 years oldMoscow State Budgetary Institution "B.L. Pasternak Medical School" / Director of Vinogradov Fedor Yurevich / Head of Chistiakova Lubov.Russia98
Veseniya Deratsueva.13-15 years oldIBU DOSHI "Knazaretov Eyes Only" / Director Rustamyants Aram Borisovich / Director Rustamyants Aram Borisovich / AccompaniatorRussia98
Evgenia ShubinaUntil the age of 9.Ippolitov-Ivanov school. Moscow/ Teacher Isaeva E.V.Russia97
Michael20-25 yearsRussia97
Davidov Nikolay10-12 years oldMoscow State Budgetary Institution "B.L. Pasternak Medical School" / Director of Vinogradov Fedor Yurevich / Head of Chistiakova Lubov.Russia96
UVAROV ARSENIIUntil the age of 9MBU DO Children`s Art School No. 2 New Urengoy/ Director Lubimova Tatiana / Teacher Tomanova TatianaRussia96
Prutskiy Danil13-15 years oldMBU DO "DSHI" Eyes Only after K. Nazaretov / Director Aram Rustamyants / Head of Svetlana Shvichkova /Russia96
Group "Falle"From 25 years old.Norway96
Zherebtsova SofiaUntil the age of 9.DSHI #12/ Director Ilya Koptev/ Head of Irina Petrova/ Accompanist Ivan IvanovRussia95
Gusev Nikolai10-12 years oldGBUDO CC "Specialized music school for blind and visually impaired children" / Director Kutsenko A.K. / Head of Honored Worker of Culture of Kuban Shatskaya Alyona V. / concert mistress Gorky Irina GennadyevnaRussia95
Liudmila GomozovaFrom 25 years old.Russia95
Chaykina Yaroslava16-19 years oldMBU DO "DSHI" OKO im. Kim Nazaretov /Director Aram Rustamyants / Guide / Svetlana Shvichkova /Russia95
Paliakevich Sofya10-12 years oldBSI #1 Novopolotsk / Director Aleksandr Hitrov / Head of Margarita MartosBelarus95
Group "Paradise"13-15 years oldUnited Kingdom95
Ekaterina Rud10-12 years oldMBU DO Children's art school No. 2 Novy Urengoy / Director LYUBIMOVA TATIANA / Lecturer TOMANOVA TATIANA / Concert Master SASSMANN ALBERTRussia94
Nikita LapinUntil the age of 9MBU preschool Children's School of Arts № 2 g. New Urengoy YNAD; Head of Tatyana Tomanova; Concert masters Timofey Tkachenko, Elena Aksarina and Sofya Vostrotina.Russia94
Nikita LapinUntil the age of 9MBU preschool Children's School of Arts № 2 g. New Urengoy YNAD; Head / Tatyana TomanovaRussia94
Ivan KuligovskiiFrom 25 years old.Far Eastern State Institute of Arts, Vladivostok, Russia. Proffessor - Honored Artist of Russia Raisa ILIUKHINARussia94
Kochekova DariaUntil the age of 9.Horishni Plavni Municipal our-school specialized art educational institution "Children's music school of Horishnioplavnivska citi council of Poltava region" teacher Fomina Zhanna, accompanist Afanasieva NataliaUkraine94
Nathasia DjongYounger than 9 years oldMs. Lidiana Bunyamin. SEIndonesia94
Group "Raindrop"16-19 years oldStudio of Arts and Music "Linda"Sweden94
Zhanokulova Gulsana Makhtymkulovna13-15 years oldGymnasium №83 teacher Kabasheva Gulnara Kasymkyzy Concession master Klimenko Lyudmila AnatolevnaKazakhstan90
Shainazarova EkaterinaFrom 25 years old.State budgetary educational institution of additional education "Children's School of Arts". Tutti" Litvinenko Nina RudolfovnaRussia87
Pikus Georgy13-15 years oldChildren's and Youth Sports School at the Shebalin WMD / / Head of Vever Grigory Konstantinovich / Accompaniator Smetanina Natalya VladimirovnaRussia87
UVAROV IAROSLAV13-15 years oldMBU DO Children`s Art School No. 2 New Urengoy/ Principal Lubimova TatianaRussia84
Alexander HansenFrom 25 years old.Norway84
Milan Visser10-12 years oldNetherlands83
Mila SchaeferUntil the age of 9.Studio "Freedom"Germany82
Gurbanov Maxim13-15 years oldTurkmenistan81
Alfie Smith13-15 years oldUnited Kingdom81
Yarullin Ilyan Linarovich10-12 years oldTeacher: Ludmila Sofronova; IBUDO "Children's Music School №14", Kazan.Russia80
Asami AkiyamaUntil the age of 9.Japan80
Emsamble "Silence"13-15 years oldLena SchulzGermany79
Smirnova Polina13-15 yearsSvitlana HrytsaienkoUkraine78
Sem De JongUntil the age of 9.Netherlands78
Ensemble "Despacito"Until the age of 9Spain77
Yarullin Timur Linarovich13-15 years oldTeacher: Marina Ernstovna Matveeva; IBUDO "Children's Music School № 14", Kazan.Russia76
Akulova Polina13-15 years oldMAU DOSHI Piano teacher KRAVTSOVA TATIANA ANATOLIEVNARussian76
BRODA IVANNA10-12 years oldKhust art school / Headmaster Chernianchuk Innesa / Headmaster Nod Oksana / Accompanist Broda OlenaUkraine76
Anka Fujiwara10-12 years oldJapan76
Ensemble "Peaceful Talk"From 25 years old.Peru76
Maite MuñozUntil the age of 9Chile75
Nurlankyzı Enlik13-15 years oldTeacher: Galiya Bulatova; Concertmeister: Galina KlokovaKazakhstan75
Ekaterina ShermyakovaUntil the age of 9.Children's School of Arts. Pospeliha, Altai region, Russia. The teacher Larisa Faterina."Russia74
Ensemble "Blossom"13-15 years oldUnited Kingdom74
Logan Martin10-12 years oldCanada73
Group "Butterfly"Younger than 9 years oldCanada73
Amador DantesUntil the age of 9Bolivia73
Hybenko Alina13-15 years oldMAU DOSHI teacher Kravtsova Tatiana AnatolievnaRussian72
Sheshykova Larisa13-15 years oldMAU DOSHI Piano teacher Kravtsova Tatiana AnatolievnaRussian72
Marco PoloMixedSpain72
Rodrigora Randuna13-15 yearsPeru72
Group "Leaves fall"Until the age of 9.School of Arts "Musician"Venezuela72
Vittoria Baresi10-12 years oldAlice BalboaItaly71
Ensemble "Taniec Pszczol"13-15 years oldPoland71
Group "Nachtigal"10-12 years oldAcademy of Music "Musik und Kunst"Austia71
Nadykto Daria13-15 years oldChildren's music school named after F.I. Chaliapin / Headmaster - Irina Vladimirovna Strykova / Violin class teacher - Bogdanova Olga IUrevna / Accompanist Kostina Galina SergeevnaRussia70
Ensemble "Flourishing"10-12 years oldUnited Kingdom70
Group "Dangqian"10-12 years oldYu YanChina70
Ensemble "Wind"13-15 years oldStudio "Sunny day"Norway70
Clodagh O'SullivanFrom 25 years old.Ireland69
Kjetil Johansen13-15 years oldNorway69
Group "Lazo y Repetir"13-15 years oldBrazil69
Chiyu Park10-12 years oldSouth Korea68
Group "Hona"16-19 years oldSouth Korea68
Ensemble "Fantasia"13-15 years oldSpain68
Benjamin BrownUntil the age of 9SChool of Arts "Crafted"Canada67
Bruno Morales20-25 yearsSpain67
Feng Mian13-15 years oldSchool of Arts of BeijingChina67
Ensemble "Home"Until the age of 9.United Kingdom66
Luisa KleinMixedGermany66
Ensemble "Cold winter"13-15 years oldSweden66
Niamh Murphy10-12 years oldIreland65
Ensemble "Línghún"Until the age of 9.Fei HongChina65
Nica Kotifoe10-12 years oldGhana65
Group "Mindful"13-15 years oldLisa NoahUSA64
Group "Mango"13-15 years oldJapan63
Ciara Kelly13-15 years oldIreland62
Group "Grazia"13-15 years oldEleonora EspositoItaly61
Group "AvoCado"13-15 years oldGreece60
Ensemble "Fine Line"10-12 years oldGreece59
Group "Dream"From 25 years old.Japan58
Ensamble "Bright Light"13-15 years oldFrancisco LopezMexico57
Siu Myeong10-12 years oldSchool of Arts "Odds"South Korea52

Original Genre I Round

ParticipantAgeInformation about managersCountryPoints
Bolsunovskaia Daria10-12 летVocal teacher Ksenia SemenovaRussia95
Thenny Kaengfrom 25 yearsIndonesia95
Kadir GunterUntil the age of 9Teacher Ahmet PolatTurkey91
Konstanin Petrović10-12 years oldSerbia85
Ethan Clark16-19 years oldUSA81
Adele Rowling16-19 years oldAlberta School of the ArtsCanada76
Mia GraceUntil the age of 9Greece74
Sophia FilipovaUntil the age of 9Bulgaria70
Olivia BlueUntil the age of 9Spain70
William GarciaUntil the age of 9Teacher Martin RodrìguezMexico68
Marie Milovich16-19 years oldTeacher Antonio AlbertiHungary64
Emily Brooks16-19 years oldUSA57