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Report of Golden Voices of Barcelona (July 2016, Spain)

Report of Música del Mar (June 2016, Spain)

Report of Sun of Italy and International Dance Games (June 2016, Italy)

Report of XXVII Sea Sun Festival (June 2016, Spain)

Самарқандлик 8 ёшли мусиқачи Испаниядаги танловда ғолиб бўлди (Uzbek)

SMP di Cipete Juara di ‘Sea Sun Festival’ Spanyol (Indonesian)

Siswa Jakarta juara di “Sea Sun Festival” Spanyol (Indonesian)

Report of XXVI Sea Sun Festival (May 2016, Spain)

Interview with the Head of the Department of Tourism Alessandra Di Paola

Interview with Mr. Francesco Rastelli – owner of RG Hotels Group in Montecatini-Terme

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