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We recognize the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all children and young people taking part in our Festival. In accordance with our photography and filming policy we will only permit official images of children and young people present at our Festival to be taken with the consent of the responsible parents/carers/guardians concerned.
I understand that the official images:
Will always illustrate children and young people taking part in the Festival in a positive light;
Will not explicitly identify who is appearing in the image;
May be published in print and/or online by the press and/or by the Festival organizers;
They may alter, modify, translate into any language, used and modified at the discretion FIESTALONIA;
All rights for video and audio recordings made within the framework of competition or on its other activities, as well as their use and implementation, belong exclusively to the Organizer – FIESTALONIA, this right is not limited in time and space;
Images from the date of purchase at the official photo and video operator FIESTALONIA are beyond the control and responsibility FIESTALONIA.
Receipt of the application form hereby acknowledges the above and is to be taken as your consensual agreement.