To sum up the year 2022 we have prepared for you the international Super Cup Fiestalonia 2022! The special thing about the Super Cup 2022 is that at least one Super Grand Prix is guaranteed in each category! This means that each category will receive our signature Super Cups, name recognition plaques, diplomas and thank you notes! Each nomination will receive certificates for free participation in the largest festival-competition in Spain! The Super Cup is held once a year!

📌 Country: Spain

📌 Registration until
21th of December 2022.

📌 Evaluation of the contestants
21th of January 2023.

7 reasons to participate in this competition Super Cup Fiestalonia

✅ Super Cup Fiestalonia 2022 with delivery right to your home!
✅ Official certificates in the form of engraving on a special basis from Spain (with delivery).
✅ Diploma with an assessment on a 100-point scale (European standard).
✅ Thank-you letters on the official numbered letterheads of the kingdom of Spain for leaders and participants (with delivery).
✅ Free participation in the presential competition in Spain in 2023 (with hotel accommodation and full-board).
✅ An interview with you, which will be published on our website.
✅ Branded merchandising Fiestalonia (with delivery).


Choreographic groups and soloists:

  • I: classic ballet;
  • II: folk dance, folk stylized dance, ethnic dance;
  • III: ballroom dance;
  • IV: sport dance;
  • V: modern dance;
  • VI: variety dance;
  • VII: social dance.

Instrumental groups and soloists:

  • I: piano
  • II: string-bowed;
  • III: string-plucked;
  • IV: folk instruments;
  • V: accordionists;
  • VI: wind instruments
  • VII: jazz style ensembles;
  • VIII: symphony orchestras;
  • IX: chamber orchestras.

Singing (choirs, musicals, ensembles, duets, trios, soloists):

  • I: academic singing;
  • II: church singing;
  • III: jazz singing;
  • IV: rock and rap;
  • V: folk singing;
  • VI: pop singing;
  • VII: musicals.

Original Genre

  • I: circus, clowning, acrobatics, original plastics, juggling;
  • II: illusion;
  • III: pantomime, variety miniature, theatrical miniature;
  • IV: the art of the spoken word, recitations.

Artists, designers and photographers

  • I: fine art;
  • II: photo and video art;
  • III: arts and crafts and design

Age groups of the participants

  • younger than 10 years old
  • 10-12 years
  • 13-15 years
  • 16-19 years
  • 20-25 years
  • 26-35 years
  • 36-55 years
  • From 56 years
  • Mixed age groups

* The group age is based on the majority of the participants.

Technical requirements

How to take part in the contest?
  • soloists, duets, trios, quartets, quintets, ensembles and groups – can present 1 performance (number, dance, song, musical piece) up to 8 minutes.
  • artists, designers and photographers post a link to their work. The work must be uploaded in JPG or PNG format.
  • your presentation must be recorded on video/ JPG and uploaded on YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox or any other service and to provide a link to the video together with the application for participation.
  • you can shoot a video on your smartphone at home, or made earlier during the concert (within 1 year), or in the studio. You can also submit a video, but in this case the jury may request a performance on camera without editing.
  • fill application form and pay for participation in the competition;
  • wait for the announcement of the results.

    *The participants may submit several performance to the competition. Each additional work is paid as an additional application.
JuryEvaluation criteria

The jury’s comments on your entries are private and are not published in the public domain.

The jury has the right:

  • not to award all the prizes;
  • to share prize among performers;
  • to award special prizes to teachers for outstanding achievements;
  • to make a decision about breaking a performance which exceeds the bounds of the regulations;
  • the jury evaluates the participants on one hundred-point system, the final result is made up of the average quantity of the received scores and the average value of the progress scores;
  • the jury’s decisions are final and are not subject to review.

Evaluation criteria:

Choreographic groups and soloists
– mastery
– technique of movements’ execution
– compositional creation of the performance
– suitability for the theatre (flexibility, costume, properties, performing standards)
– choice and correspondence of the musical and choreographic materials
– artistic skills, disclosure of an artistic image

Instrumental groups and soloists
– degree of the complexity of the repertoire
– degree of virtuosity and technical capability
– scenic culture, artistic skill, posture

Singing (choirs, ensembles, duets, trios, soloists)
– purity of the intonation and quality of sound
– beauty of the timbre and the voice strength
– scenic culture, artistic skill
– mastery
– technique of movements’ execution

Original genre
– level of preparation and performance skills;
– stagecraft (plastique, costume, culture of performance);
– artistic design of the program

Artists, designers and photographers
– creative individuality and skill of the author;
– mastery of composition techniques;
– mastery of technique, in which the work is done;
– originality of concept and execution;
– coloristic solution.


– Contestants who receives at least 80 points out of 100, pass to the final Round;
– All participants who did not qualify for the Second Round or did not wish to take part in it will receive a diploma of the participant of the competition, regardless of the points gained;
– According to the results of the Second Round, the contestants receive Diplomas indicating the prizes and the number of points scored. The awards are distributed as follows:

  • Regarding the genres of performing and nominations the awards are distributed due to seven age groups
  • participants who received up to 70 points become prize winners (copper diploma);
  • participants who received from 70 to 79 points – prize winners of the third degree (bronze diploma);
  • participants who received from 80 to 89 points become prize winners of the second degree (silver diploma);
  • participants who received from 90 to 99 points become prize winners of the first degree (gold diploma);
  • participants who received 100 points become winners of the SUPER GRAND PRIZE of the contest “Super Cup Fiestalonia 2022” (platinum diploma).

Grand prize winners win free participation in one of the prestigious competitions Sea Sun Festival in Spain in 2023 (30/04 – 05 /05) with accommodation in the hotel
Laureates of the first degrees receive a discount of up to 50% of the cost of participation with accommodation in one of the competitions in Spain in 2023

What level of performance do I need to be to enter the contest?

Don’t be afraid to participate in the contest, even if you just started your creative journey! We are as loyal as possible to the contestants, because our main goal is to support your creative abilities and help you to choose the right further ways of development.

What gives the diploma?

The international diploma of our competition is a confirmation of your creative skills by a team of international experts from 5 countries with many years of stage and teaching experience at universities and conservatories in the UK, Spain, Italy and the USA.
The diploma will become part of your portfolio and can be used for admission to educational institutions, various scholarships and grants.
All results are published on our website in the ‘Reports’ section and are publicly available, giving you the opportunity to confirm the results achieved in the competition at any institution and for the institution to verify their credibility.

Can I get the diploma by mail?

Yes, you can order the delivery of your printed awards in A4 format for an additional cost. At the moment, we send diplomas, certificates and recommendations only in electronic form to the e-mail specified by you in the application.

The Jury of the contest 

The jury includes world renowned choreographers, vocalists, conductors, musicians, producers, music critics from Spain, France, Italy, China, the USA and other countries. The international jury is formed by the organizer of the competition.

Valérie Beney

Read more

Opera singer,
graduate of the Switzerland vocal school, soprano with extensive experience in solo performances in various opera productions in Europe, regularly performing on the stage of the Vienna’s Opera. She has a large repertory and is often asked to interpret the contemporary repertoire

Marina Caro

Read more

A singer,
solo artist and composer, Representative of the modern Spanish show-business in Barcelona. Her songs are in rotation on the most popular radio in Spain and are included in the top 40 songs according to Radio los 40 Principales.

Montserrat Marti

Read more

Musician, soprano,
educated at the Conservatory at Gran Teatre of Liceo in Barcelona. The first soprano and the choir soloist of the Gran Theatre of Liceo in Barcelona. Soloist of the orchestra «La principal de la Bisbal» and «La Orquesta Maravella».

Mario Mariani

Read more

Pianist and composer.
He is the author of all the soundtracks for the films Vittorio Moroni and Matteo Pellegrini. Since 2016 he is the artistic director of the piano academy. Supporter of awareness of musical thought and the ability of imagination.

Joan Casas

Read more

composer and conductor of symphony orchestras, choir conductor, arranger and music critic. Composer for the symphonic orchestra of Barcelona. The Winner of the National Prize among Catalonia.

Josep Soto

Read more

Musician and composer.
Soloist of the musical instrumental ensemble «Quintet». Winner of the most important musical festivals. Grammy nominee and Naras Grammy in 2003 for the best work in “Latino Flamenco”.
CEO and founder of the music school in Lloret de Mar Sis Cordes.

Darina Kudlaeva

Read more

World Champion
in Contemporary Dance. President of the Latvian Section of the World Art Association WAPA. Certified author of her own method. Choreographer and founder of the DK Dance Theater. Author of international trainings for choreographers.

Kanga Valls

Read more

dancer, recursor of urban dance style in Europe. He studied in the Best hip-hop skhools in Los Angeles, Tokyo, London and Paris. Winner of 3 nationals championships, “Nike Rockstar Workout” and TV-program “Kulbik”. Worked with Nike and Reebok

José Mª López

Read more

Choreograph, Art Director.
He has danced in Theatersommer Netzeband, the Staatstheater Schwerin (Germany), the Gran Teatro del Liceo, the Teatro Real and the Berlioz Opera. In 2008 he created his own company. Artistic Director of the Baix Montseny Dance Competition

Laura Mungherly

Read more

The founder
and director of the a.s.d.c CENTER STAGE since 2007. Graduate of the Royal Academy of Dance in London. Member of the regional Dance League Council. She has directed more than 20 shows and countless exhibitions and events for the city and beyond.

Price for one participation

Each performance is priced and paid for separately. The cost is per application, regardless of the number of participants in the room. Payment is made by bank card, regardless of your currency. Your currency is automatically converted to Euro.

Basic Participation

€30 /Participation

  • Participation in the competition
  • Evaluation by our Jury Members
  • International diploma of European standard
  • Publishing the result on the site

Participation with Comments

€45 /Participation

  • Participation in the competition
  • Evaluation by our Jury Members
  • International diploma of European standard
  • Publishing the result on the site
  • Recommendations from the Jury

Participation with video comment

€60 /Participation

  • Participation in the competition
  • Evaluation by our Jury Members
  • International diploma of European standard
  • Publishing the result on the site
  • Video – recommendations from the Jury*
  • Certificate for the teacher
  • *For artists – sales exhibition

Currently online

For the contest:
In the nomination:

Application form

  • Payment

Payment should be made with a bank card independent of your currency. Your currency will be automatically converted to Euro.

Apply Coupon

If you have any questions or problems with your application, please contact the Online Consultant or by mail

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