European Distance Online Contests Fiestalonia

Fiestalonia is a leading international festival and competition committee with 10 years of experience in organizing competitions worldwide.

World Art Games


The biggest international distance competition for vocalists, instrumentalists, dancers and original genre with a distinguished jury

Dali’s Mustache


International distant competition for artists, designers, photographers and representatives of arts and crafts

Talents of Europe


International distance competition held in two rounds, ideal for vocalists, dancers, musicians and original genre

Music Box

Great Britain

International distance competition for instrumental performers of any level, taking place in two rounds

The Song


International distance competition for vocal performers in different genres and styles. Suitable for choirs, groups and soloists

Online Wave


International distance learning competition with a cash prize of 500 € from the sponsor to all grand prize winners



International distant competition for representatives of the art of the spoken word with the categories of prose, poetry, monologue and dialogue

American Edition


International distance learning competition under the auspices of the U.S. Mission with diplomas of the U.S. standard and partners

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