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Fiestalonia Milenio – European leader in organization of international festivals & contests for creative teams .

Immerse yourself in the fascinating international festivals and competitions organised by Fiestalonia – bright and spectacular, they will be remembered forever in your hearts! Participation in the prestigious competitions of Fiestalonia is a high honour. Thanks to the projects of Fiestalonia, everyone, regardless of their artistic level, has the opportunity to share with others their talent and the audience witnesses the bright performances of the participants from around the world united by a passion for art. Festivals organised by Fiestalonia allow participants to open the arms of friendship, ensuring a new quality of the common future of the people in this world. Take a look at this short video to feel the power of the international competitions organized by Fiestalonia.  Read more about us>>

International contests and festivals.

As participants became representatives of more than 58 countries, 30 different languages from 5 continents. Join the international movement of Fiestalonia.

Worldwide recognized International Jury

More than 180 experts from all other the world among which are musicians, conductors, vocalists, choreographers, producers, artists, teachers and actors.

More than 2000 journalists for 2018.

Your chance to tell the World about your talents in front of world media and spectators from every corner of the planet!

Officials awards and prizes.

Exclusive cups, official awards from the authorities, thankful letters on the official numbered letterheads of the kingdom of Spain, diplomas, cash prizes and sponsorship

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A variety of competitive nominations allows everyone to find themselves and take part in one of the brightest mixed festivals or narrowly serious focused competitions. Fiestalonia holds separate international festivals & contests for choirs, instrumental and vocal performers of classical music, dance events and parades of theatrical art, folk festivals, and more. You can determine the direction of activities that are suitable for you and to choose the place of their held in 4 countries.


Fiestalonia Milenio – is not just a leading organizer of festivals and competitions in Europe, but also a member of many international cultural associations and organizations, representative of CID UNESCO, ACAV in Spain and mediator of cultural exchange between different cultures, countries and religions. We are a guarantor of fair judging by specially developed 100-point assessment system, approved by the European Union. Each certificate – the official named document obtained by each participant and valid in all countries of the world!

International festivals & contests – a creative laboratory for children, adolescents and adults; for beginners, amateurs and professionals. They are full of bright moments, unforgettable impressions and emotions. Contestants take part in flash mobs, relax and get to know each other in discos and informal meetings, improve their technique at master classes from members of the jury. International festivals and contests, professional scenes, rich excursions, active rest , lots of surprises and gifts, also our warm and sympathetic festival committee is waiting for you on our international festivals and contests!

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