Today we understand more than ever that international festivals and contests are an indispensable source of joy, motivation and inspiration due to the feeling of unity that they inspire in creative people, regardless of their place of residence and level of artistic skill.

The personal development of the child is very significant. Every developing child begins to ask himself questions – Who am I? Who I want to be? What is the sense of life? One of the features of adolescence is the reflection – awareness of yourself and your actions. It changes the child’s view of the world, develops his own view and opinion. First of all, it forms a personal attitude to learning, so the parents should help the child to grow up as a creative person.

What are the benefits of having children and adolescents participating in online contests:
– At this age, the child needs to show his self-expression.
– Absolutely everyone can participate, regardless of skill level.
– The mental possibilities of creative activity increase.
– Certificates and diplomas based on the results of scores.
– Participants begin to collect or fill in their portfolios. And this is an individual “portfolio” of educational achievements, which is a mandatory requirement for school graduates.
– Helps the child not only successfully absorb the material, but also expand his views.

Dear parents and teachers, participation in online contests provides an opportunity to declare yourself in such prestigious online competitions.

Fiestalonia continues to encourage creative people by providing a worldwide online platform for performances and invites you to participate in the online competition!

Let’s destroy the walls of isolation! We are here and together!

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