Training and educational programs in competitions organised by FIESTALONIA.

Training and educational programs in competitions organised by FIESTALONIA.
One of the integral parts of FIESTALONIA festivals are our educational programs. This allows all participants of the festival to get useful advice regarding selection of repertoire and production. Qualified members of the jury can also give invaluable advice to all participants, which help in upcoming performances and raise these to a higher level of professionalism.

Each festival allows us not only to provide a competitive program, but also allows us to implement educational projects. For example, there are numerous workshops for artists – vocal groups, the participants dance groups, choirs, orchestras, theatre companies. FIESTALONIA organises preliminary seminars that give participants a better insight into their skills. Lessons are organised, and take the form of “presentation with discussion.” From the performances of the participants of the festival, eminent professionals will show all errors and defects of execution, will celebrate the special moments and allocate professional achievements.
Simultaneously with these lessons, Fiestalonia organises an international conference to address the issues of different creative directions. FIESTALONIA holds for dance groups, orchestras and choirs, individual training and educational activities and organised workshops on theatre arts.

The evaluation system and scoring methods are constantly being improved. FIESTALONIA have held competitions a lot of years and we continue to work on improving our events and organisation of the events. As well as the invaluable help of the international jury and permanent consultants, we also take into account the suggestions of the participants of the festival. This allows us to organise a unique and large-scale event that brings together talented musicians, dancers and performers from all over the world. Participants receive a great positive energy, lots of fun and cultural exchange. At the same time all outside artists have the opportunity to join the professional performances of artists from around the world. The result is a FIESTALONIA festival, which is not just a competitive event, it is one that is great for cultural-developmental and vocational training l!

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