Each year, for each competition, we carefully select professionals, which we would like to see among our members of the jury. Long discussion with the applicants is a opportunity for us to find out them better and understand how approach to us one or another expert!

A few years ago we started to work with a wonderful, talented and experienced musician – maestro Stefano Malferrari and since then Fiestalonia cooperate with him very closely. Stefano – is not just a professional instructor and a rare talent, he is also a person looking for talented young pianists, for support them and the teach them of all its knowledge!

Maybe, YOU are this  «young, promising pianist» who every maestro dreams  as a learner ? There is an opportunity to find out more about this!

Маэстро Stefano Malferrari

In 2016 a representative of Committee of Jury of the international competition of classical music and songs in Catalonia “MÚSICA DEL MAR” will be an incredible and unique Italian pianist Stefano Malferrari, which will share his knowledges during a master class.

Stefano has worked with a famous teacher Franco Scala. He toured all over the world as a soloist of the Symphony Orchestra in Warsaw (Poland), the soloist of the Philharmonic Society of the Marche region (Italy). He has performed at the most prestigious venues for pianists: Verdi Hall in Milan, Rome Philharmonic, State Theatre in Florence, the Theatre La Scala in Milan. He has toured all over the world: Switzerland, France, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Norway, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Thailand.

Today he is a professor of piano in the Martini Conservatory in Bologna, a frequent member of jury committee of the most prestigious international competitions of world importance, traveling around the world for searching  new talents, trying to help young pianists in the development of their difficult career.

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