One of the biggest international contests of choir singing in Europe ‘GOLDEN VOICES OF MONTSERRAT‘ will take place in the Spanish city Lloret de Mar at the most picturesque Mediterranean coast Costa Brava from March 22 to March 26, 2015.

The choirs from all over the world are invited to take part in the contest. The international organizer of the contests and festivals Fiestalonia Milenio for the first time gives the participants a unique opportunity to perform at the Basil Monastery of Montserrat together with the most ancient and famous in Europe boys’ choir Escolania de Montserrat. The choir Escolania de Montserrat is considered to be one of the most ancient children’s choir, which for the first time in 900 years will perform with the participants of the contest ‘Golden Voices of Montserrat‘.

The Church St. Roma, which is famous in Spain for its incredible sound and acoustics, will open its doors for the participants of the contests as well. Noteworthy, St. Roman is the patron of music and singing, therefore the contestants will be surrounded by a special mood and positive energy during the performances.

For one spring week Lloret de Mar will become a musical centre of Spain, making an atmosphere of art around the participants and creating a new page in the history of every participant.

Besides the contest itself, master-class by the well-known European Kapellmeister Moises Sala is waiting for the contestants. All artists will gather together at the famous stage AUDITORIO GCCB, where a team of sound makers will wait for them to record a joint song under the direction of Moises Sala.

All the participants will be accommodated at the hotel with an unforgettable view of the sea Roger de Flor 4****+, which is built in the old style and is located among amazing gardens and trees.

Every contestant will get a diploma, winners – brand cups from Fiestalonia Milenio. All the choirs will receive diplomas with an engraving from the Spanish authorities for the contribution of the development of the choral singing.

Festivals and contests, organized by Fiestalonia Milenio, are held on the best stages of Spain, Italy and France. It gives the participants an opportunity to present themselves, show their talents and to enjoy their ‘minute of fame’ in front of the big audience.

The closing ceremony of the festival ‘Golden Voices of Montserrat‘ will take place at the famous stage Auditorio of the five-star casino Gran Casino Costa Brava, which at present is considered as the best in Spain. The best performances of the contest will be included into the Gala Concert, which will leave no one indifferent!


Welcome on our festival!
President Fiestalonia Milenio

David Dzhaparidze


Press Release of the international choir’s contest «Golden Voices of Montserrat»

Program of the contests ‘Golden Voices Montserrat’ 2015

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