International Folk Festival – Contest in Catalonia «FOLK FESTIVAL IN CATALONIA» (Folklore of Catalonia) – promotes the preservation and promotion of national traditions, ethnic culture of different nationalities, the strengthening of inter-ethnic relations. International «Folk Festival in Catalonia» – is a cultural event aimed at promoting peace, friendship, fraternity and solidarity of people of the world, through the folk arts of dance and music, through the rich traditions and revered folk standards of self-expression and communication.

Speaking the language of imagination and creativity, the representatives of different nations of the world meet and share the most intimate: the creation of cultural and artistic expressions that were outlined their old customs. It helps them through the participation and creativity of language, to pave the way to new forms of communication. Because we all know that the language of art removes all the barriers: cultural, social, economic and others, leaving the level of communication free. The festival is held by the Spanish festival committee Fiestalonia Milenio together with the Municipality of Lloret de Mar (Spain, Costa Brava) and starts with a great parade of peace and friendship in the walls of City Hall.

Artists of the following genres are invited

  • singers (ensembles and soloists);
  • choirs of folk art;
  • instrumentalists (ensembles and soloists);
  • dancers (ensembles and soloists);
  • theatre groups;
  • musical and dancing groups.
The peculiarity of the contest is in place of the place where is held – medieval castle Castell Medieval Spain. Despite the fact that he is restored and equipped with all the requirements of modernity, its atmosphere makes all the participants immerse themselves in a time when knights fought in the arena, and the country was ruled by kings. Organizer Fiestalonia Milenio offers professionally equipped stage for performances directly into one of the rooms of the castle, in which thousands of years ago, perhaps the Royal Amphitheatre or perhaps dining. After the competition the participants expect a real surprise – a real joust with vivid battles with swords in medieval style and chic royal dinner chat during a match. Dinner includes appetizers, soup with organic vegetables, chicken, baked potatoes, pork bones, homemade bread, homemade wine and lemonade. Dear friends, subscribe on the official Twitter of “Fiestalonia” and follow online-reports from our contests and gala concerts, but subscribing to us on Instagram you will always be informed with all the events!

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Dear friends, subscribe on the official of “Fiestalonia” and follow online-reports from ourcontests and gala concerts, but subscribing to us on you will always be informed with all the events!

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