Germano de Rossi – will be head of the jury and will hold a master class at the International competition Dancing Catalonia 2016!

20 – 24 March 2016, Spain, Costa Brava.

Germano de Rossi - will be head of the jury of International competition Dancing Catalonia 2016 FIESTALONIA invites you to become participant, and enjoy one of the most exciting dance events in Europe.

From 20th to 24th March 2016 will be held a popular dance event Dancing Catalonia, which will be held on the beautiful Costa Brava. On one stage will gather thousands of dancers of different genres and styles, to show what they can do and enjoy the exciting whirlwind of emotions.

The organizer and host city authorities will create a relaxed and homely atmosphere, uncharacteristic for such contests, which will allow to all participants to feel comfortable.

Participants will be appreciate by globally recognized jury whose members are working on a well-thought scoring system developed by leading European experts and international artists, based on years of experience of this major competition. This grading system guarantees the highest quality of refereeing. The referee is composed of recognized artists and representatives of various dance styles from Spain, Italy, France, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Every year Fiestalonia invites one of the leader and most renowned choreographers in the world, who became chairman of the board of the jury and gives master classes in their field.

36-_TZL1785Jordi-RTZieba- ASTANAIn 2016 the theme of the master class will be modern! You will enjoy the world-renowned dancer and choreographer Germano de Rossi (Italy), who will share with all participants valuable experience in contemporary choreography.

Germano – teacher, choreographer, actor and musical theater, traveled with his performances throughout the world. He was educated in London and New York. He created one of the most prestigious schools of dance and theater art in Italy. The winner of the international competition dedicated to Holy Jubilee in 2000 among professionals. Currently he is working in prestigious schools in Italy and abroad, as well as master classes in Europe, Asia and America.

In addition, Dancing Catalonia is supported by Dance Council of UNESCO and under the patronage of the Municipality of Lloret de Mar. The jury awarded teachers groups special certificate from the representative of CID UNESCO. Also, each team will receive a diploma with an engraving from the authorities of the Kingdom of Spain for his contribution to culture.

All contestants will be given a unique opportunity to take part in the biggest dance flashmob at the walls of City Hall, which will bring together a huge number of enthusiastic spectators and will give an unforgettable experience to all participants.

The competition program provides an excellent opportunity to address the competition and show their talent, to share their experiences with other participants, to visit the most famous sights and discover the country and enjoy the atmosphere of this international festival, attend master classes by leading creative figures and members of the jury, to participate in joint statements, Flashmob, quizzes and discos. And of course the best of the best will take part in the final concert of the winners, who will certainly be remembered for its brightness, and the culmination of this important event in the life of a dancer!

Germano de Rossi - will be head of the jury of International competition Dancing Catalonia 2016Why you should participate in this competition:

Introducing the new hit of «Festalonia»!
  • one of the largest competitions of dance groups;
  • colorful opening and closing ceremonies;
  • evaluation system that ensures the highest quality of officiating;
  • workshops, master classes, round tables with leading experts and educators;
  • flashmob and video shooting;
  • all transfers are included in the price;
  • no tourist tax payments in hotels;
  • full board (buffet: breakfast, lunch, dinner + drinks);
  • official international license certificates with the results of the competition are awarded not only dance groups, but also each individual participant is awarded a diploma of personal names;
  • choreographers receive certificates of the European model of the passage of the master classes;
  • managers and sponsors teams receive personal letters of thanks on the official license form the Kingdom of Spain;
  • each dance group receives from the Spanish authorities a diploma for his contribution to the cultural development between countries in the form of an engraving on an ad hoc basis;
  • the master class will hold one of the best modern dancers – Germano de Rossi.

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