Dancers from all over the world come to Pesaro

Dancers from all over the world come to Pesaro

Dancers from all over the world come to Pesaro, which is located on the Italian riviera on the Adriatic coast. They come in order to participate in this international festival, to demonstrate their dance and enjoy traditional cannelloni, pasta and brodetto.

Thanks to it’s Adriatic charm, Pesaro attracts more and more choreographic groups every year, who are getting the necessary inspiration to realise their own creative ideas. Endless sandy beaches, sunny weather, warm sea, a magnificent excursion program in the cities of Italy representing museums in the open air – all this will included in your creative journey. The groups can schedule their performances and friendly concerts separately from the festival program.

All places, concerts and competitions in Pesaro are within walking distance and can thus be combined with a pleasant walk through the historic part of the city.

Pesaro is a place where choreographic collectives of different styles, directions and artistic level meet each other, compete within their own nominations, give joint friendly concerts and get acquainted with dancers from other countries sharing the experience.

Enjoy, together with your dance team, the cheerful and free atmosphere of the international choreographic festival-competition on the Italian coast of the Adriatic Sea, combining rest with dances!

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